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Here we go again

Picard and Quark

The chap on the left has no use for money. Not so the chap on the right.

Well, we’re well into 2012 and Christmas is but a distant memory. However, it’s not time for me, personally, to hit the yearly reset button just yet (financially speaking, that is).

Christmas is, of course, is an expensive time for many people (by “many”, I mean pretty much everyone who celebrates Christmas). So now that it’s a distant memory, surely that’s a good time to start your own financial year afresh?

I have a massive clump of expenses, starting near the start of December and lasting until the end of January. There’s Christmas, of course. Then there are the membership dues for the two professional organisations I’m a member of. It’s not even as if I still work in the same field as these two organisations, but I still like to keep up with events and advances in my old field. Plus, of course, my ego likes the associated letters after my name. Then there’s the car. For some reason, whenever I decide to change cars I always do it in the first couple of months of the year, which means that the service is always due just after Christmas. Good timing, huh.

So my yearly reset currently lies in February. I can’t help feeling that I work all the year before in order to pay for all this stuff. Or, considering that I pay for it all courtesy of Mr MasterCard and Mr Visa, I guess I work all the year after in order to pay it back.

Star Trek has an interesting take on money – they don’t have any. Captain Picard explains this at some point during “ST- The Next Generation”. This is a great idea, but I certainly don’t see it happening even by the 24th Century (the century in which I believe it is set). It would require a quantum leap in thinking, and the whole world would need to do it at once. And some races still love money in the show – where would the Ferengi be without their gold-pressed latinum?

Well, I started off moaning about money and ended up showing my geekiness. Christmas may be over, but Easter eggs are already hitting the shops (whhhhhaaaat!). Yes, it’s true! So we have that to look forward to.

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