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Bah Humbug. Already.

November 29, 2015 32 comments

The neighbouring house is lit up like a Christmas tree. I noticed it because that means my bathroom is lit up like a Christmas tree too. Well, it is Christmas, I suppose.



No, wait a minute. Or a month. It’s November. I guess these are the sorts of people who hide Easter eggs around the house in February.

Have you read “A Christmas Carol”? No, neither have I. I have, however, seen “The Muppet Christmas Carol”, which I’m sure remains faithful to the original. Though perhaps featuring more urchins and fewer frogs.

Dickens would have been proud.

I’m also visited by ghosts every Christmas. The ghosts of bank accounts past, present and future. I’ve even given them names. “Marginal”, “Shocking” and “Bankrupt”.

Never fear. I’m sure in three weeks I shall be “in the Christmas spirit” :-).


Brrr – It’s Cold!

September 26, 2015 35 comments

It’s only just Autumn, and look at the temperature when I stopped for petrol at 0710 this morning. Even the frost warning light came on! Yeeks :-(. (Google tells me that’s 39F.)


Well, that was easy

September 13, 2015 19 comments

Yes, I’m back. Windows 10 actually installed without a hitch. Yay!

Here we go!

Here we go!

That's good to know

That’s good to know. Um, what apps?

How nice!

How nice!

That's a relief. If this hadn't have worked I would have been unamused.

That’s a relief. If this hadn’t have worked I would have been unamused.

And it's all good in the hood

And it’s all good in the hood


Total time to upgrade – around 1 and a half hours (including 2.6GB Windows 10 download). Yay!


3 Quotes Day 3

June 23, 2015 16 comments

Here is my final quote for the “three quotes in three days” challenge. I think we can all get behind this one. Thanks, Bill and Ted, and Party On Dudes!


3 Quotes Day 2

June 22, 2015 14 comments

Here is my second “three quotes in three days” quote. I don’t really know any inspirational quotes, so here’s one of my favourites from one of my favourite authors.

This is from “Lords and Ladies”, by Terry Pratchett and describes the “Big Bang”. The image (which I’ve altered a little bit) is from


3 Quotes Day 1

June 21, 2015 20 comments

I have been challenged by The Storyteller’s Abode, A Smith’s World and Story Teller to post three quotes in three days! I’m also supposed to nominate three people each day, but I think everybody has already done it, and I’m never comfortable nominating people for things, so I won’t 🙂

Here is my first quote. It’s an old classic, spoken by one of the greatest philosophers of “a long time ago”, Master Yoda.


Four Word Love Phrases – Rubbish Edition

February 22, 2015 21 comments

I was tagged by Millie Thom to write ten four-word love phrases. I believe this challenge originated over at #lovebooks.

Now, I’m probably not the best person to ask to do this. I’m not sure I know anything about love. 99% of my flash fiction is either comedy, dark humour in which someone dies in an unexpected and humorous fashion, or dark, in which one or more people die in a horrific fashion. I’ve written enough apocalyptic stories that I’ve probably wiped out somewhere in the region of fifty billion people. In fact this is so expected that in my one attempt at romance, in which the woman “melts” at the end, at least one commenter thought she literally melted.

So, here goes.

Playstation 4, rock on!
That’s the silly one out of the way.

Lives shared, forever one
That didn’t sound too bad. Let’s try another.

Two hearts, one head
That didn’t sound quite right. I’ll rephrase.

One heart, two brains
That’s even worse. Well, you get the gist.

Her face, butterflies flutter
Now we’re back on track! How about a four word Haiku:

Coloured spectacles

Cynic or realist? You decide.

Floating blissfully in Heaven
I like the floaty theme. Here’s another:

Drifting in dreamy skies
Yeah! Now let’s try “the four stages of lurve”:

Fear, excitement, bliss, comfort
It starts with “fear” for me, anyway, or at least “extreme nervousness”. There weren’t enough words allowed for the fifth stage, disillusionment. I’ve ruined it now.

And for my final phrase:

This drawer’s for you

I did it! I did it! Sort of. Finally, there is supposed to be my favourite love quote from a book or film or whatever. Well, good luck with that. Sorry. I tried :-).

I’m not going to tag others as I don’t know who to tag, but if anyone else wants to try, go for it!