Sharing My World 2017 Week 7

February 19, 2017 3 comments

Here is my post for Cee’s Share Your World.


Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out?
Sheets? Is that those things we used in the 80’s? Okay, they still use them in hotels and guest houses and the like. On the rare occasions I’m in one of those places I always untuck the sheets before going to sleep. After decades of using a duvet tucked-in sheets feel very constraining.

Have you stolen a street sign before?
Nope. I saw a good number of student rooms at university with street signs in but I never nicked one myself.

Could be dangerous to steal a street sign blah blah blah could be warning of danger ahead blah blah blah very expensive those things blah blah blah who ends up paying we do the tax payer that’s who blah blah blah ought to be locked up blah blah blah…

Do you cut out coupons but then never use them?
No, I don’t think I’ve ever cut out a coupon in my life. I know there are lots of people who save a fortune by doing that but they seem to spend most of their day doing it. I’d have to decide whether my time per hour spent finding and cutting out coupons is worth what I’d be saving…

Do you have freckles?
No, no freckles at all.

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FF – Future Relationships

February 15, 2017 73 comments

Here is my post for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. This week’s picture was contributed by Liz Young.

There’s been a lot of talk recently of the great strides in AI and robotics…

To read this week’s other stories, click on the blue froggy.

Copyright Liz Young

Copyright Liz Young


“Live, damn you, live! One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand…”

“What the hell are you doing?”

“Push the fluids! Another amp of epi! Charge to 360! Clear!”

“Stop! Um… she’s gone.”

“Gone? How do you know?”

“Firstly, her body is over here and her head is over there.”

“Can’t we just, you know, reattach it? With some glue?”

“Actually, yes. Because this is First Aid training and you just broke the Resusci Annie.”

“But she was so young! What have I done? Why, God, whhhhyyyyyyy…?”

“Hello, is that St Winifred’s Home for the Permanently Baffled? We have another one… mistaken Resusci Annie for his robotic girlfriend…”


Sharing My World 2017 Week 6

February 12, 2017 33 comments

Here is my post for Cee’s Share Your World series.


Regarding your fridge, is it organised or a mess inside?
Both, really. It’s not particularly tidy, but everything is in its correct position. I always know where everything is, and everything is always where its supposed to be.

Here is a photo. Yesterday was shopping day, so it’s at max capacity.


Do you prefer your food separated or mixed together?
I put it all on the same plate and eat it. Sometimes it mixes a bit, ‘cos the plate’s not big enough. But I don’t stick my fry-up in a blender and drink it through a straw or anything.

Do you prefer reading coffee table books (picture), biographies, fiction, non-fiction, educational?
Fiction, always. I learn stuff at work, I deal with reality all day. Why would I want more of the same when I’m trying to relax?

Close your eyes. Listen to your body. What part of your body is seeking attention? What is it telling you?
Well, I have little aches around the place but that’s what happens when you start to get old. Not quite sure when that happened. It’s asking for coffee. I’ll sort that in a sec 🙂

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FF – On the Thoughts of Trees

February 8, 2017 79 comments

Here is my story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. This week’s photo was contributed by Ted Strutz.

Work is mad but I spent the end of my lunch break hammering out a little story. Well, not really a story. It’s a bit weird as you can probably tell from the title. Hey ho.

Here goes 🙂

Copyright Ted Strutz

Copyright Ted Strutz


What am I doing out here? would be a sensible question for a chair in this situation to ask, if a chair could ask such a question.

I wonder where all the people have gone? might be a reasonable thought for a chair, if a chair could think reasonable thoughts.

Maybe it had been left here as a prank, back when there were pranks, and kids to play them?

These questions are best left to the trees, ancient and indomitable, thinking thoughts lasting decades. And after all those decades of a world without humans, they reach the same conclusion.

Peace at last.


Sharing My World 2017 Week 5

February 5, 2017 34 comments

Here is my post for Cee’s Share Your World series.


What is the most incredible natural venue that you’ve ever seen in person?
Ooh, too much to choose from! I’ll just state “Cornwall” (I have’t been around many places).

Tintagel 16





How many siblings do you have? What’s your birth order?
I’m the older of two brothers.

If you were a shoe, what kind would you be and why?
I don’t want to be a shoe, to be trodden on all day. But if I had to be I’d be something comfortable. A pair of those fluffy slippers which look like bunny rabbits.

What is the strangest/weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
I’m not at all adventurous when it comes to food. In Cornwall we’re all about pasties and fish and chips. I do eat very spicy stuff, but not exotically spicy, just spicy sauces on normal food.


I did go out on a limb once and tried calamari. Didn’t like it.

FF – Release

February 1, 2017 68 comments

Here is my story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. The photo was contributed by Roger Bultot.

My story this week is a real downer. Yay!

Copyright Roger Bultot

Copyright Roger Bultot


Frank grimaced as his pain-racked body refused to cooperate. Why won’t they just let me go? he wondered. I’m an old man, crippled, in agony. Even the pill bottle he’d acquired had failed him, his fingers too gnarled, too weak.

The cold just made it worse.

Cold? They’ve left the window open…

He dragged himself slowly, painfully across the room and hauled himself onto the sill. One more metre…

The pain fell away, an incredible lightness overtook him. I can fly! He shot upwards, spiralling, joyful, pain-free!

Far below, someone screamed. A crowd gathered. Mobile phones recorded the scene.


Sharing My World 2017 Week 4

January 29, 2017 23 comments

Here is my post for Cee’s Share Your World.


Do you prefer juice or fruit?
Juice is a song by “Chance the Rapper”. I haven’t listened to it as I already know I won’t like it. On the other hand, I love Froot as I’m a huge Marina and the Diamonds fan.


Hang on, have I misunderstood the question? Ooooh noooo…

I prefer apple and orange as juice, but cherries and peaches as fruit.

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?
Until I was five I grew up in a dinky village called Carnon Downs, but I don’t really remember it. I did most of my growing up in the “big city” – Cornwall’s only city, the teaming metropolis of Truro, some 20,000 or so people! It doesn’t get any bigger than that.

It was just fine growing up there.

If you were to paint a picture of your childhood, what colours would you use?
Sunshiny yellows as most of my childhood memories are of us cycling around the place in the sunshine during school holidays, our snorkel jackets worn only by the hoods.

I’ll also throw in a splash of red as I also have strong memories of Christmases, and red is a Christmas colour. Because of Santa.

Ways to Relax List: Make a list of what relaxes you and helps you feel calm.

  • Listening to the music
  • Walking in the Nature
  • Reading of the books
  • Watching of the Netflix
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