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A Lanhydrock Selection

August 12, 2018 16 comments

In the absence of Share Your World this week, here is a small selection of photos I took on a visit to Lanhydrock a few weeks ago.

I’d give you some history of the place but I’m more interested in looking around than reading the little information notices.

Last Week’s Snow

March 25, 2018 28 comments

Here are some pictures I took last Sunday. It is very rare here to get snowflakes large enough to show up on camera.

I messed about with the first one in Lightroom. I don’t know what I’m doing but it’s fun pushing the sliders around to see what will happen 🙂

I shrank them all a bit to make the file size smaller.

No processing


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Godrevy in High Zoom

July 9, 2017 17 comments

I took a little trip to Godrevy to try out my new zoom lens. It’s an Olympus 75-300mm (150-600mm equivalent on my Micro 4/3 camera). I don’t have a tripod so I wanted to see how things went. Obviously I usually wouldn’t use a big zoom for landscapes but it did a good job of the flowers and I could barely see the helicopter or seal with the naked eye 🙂

Also, I know the white balance is off. My camera warned me about it but I don’t know which of the million buttons to push to do that so I left it alone.

Here’s a seal on max zoom. He’s there on the rock 🙂

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Evil Squirrel’s Competition – Grandpaw’s Story

February 26, 2017 53 comments

Here is my entry for Evil Squirrel’s Fourth Annual Competition of Whatever.

He has been running a series called “Shelf Critter Theatre” and has invited us to have a go! We just need to anthropomorphise at least two objects and make sure that at least one isn’t using a personality ascribed to it by the media (for example a “Mickey Mouse” toy would have a different personality to that usually ascribed to “him”).

I think that’s correct, rule-wise. So here goes. Warning – it’s a bit rude and gory 🙂


Grandpup 1: Grandpaw, Grandpaw, tell us a story!

Grandpup 2: Yes, Grandpaw! Tell us about the time you got injured.


Grandpaw: I guess you’re old enough now, kids. Gather round and listen up. It was back in the Furry wars and I was a soldier.

Grandpup 1: A soldier? Wow!

Grandpaw: Yes! I’d just received a transfer to a new unit and I was very proud, yes, proud to be F.U.C.T.

Grandpup 1: Um, what did he just say?

Grandpup 2: I think he said…

Grandpaw: Yes, the Furry Unified Combat Troop. Tell you what, kids, I was previously a member of the Allied Research, Science and Exploration division. Boy, was I glad to put that acronym behind me!

Grandpup 1: Um…

Grandpaw (lost in his memories): Yes, everyone else was very jealous of me. I was the youngest soldier ever to be F.U.C.T… will you two stop giggling? Do you want to hear this story or not?

Grandpup 1: Sorry, Grandpaw.

Grandpup 2: Sorry.


Grandpaw: There were five of us chosen for the mission – myself, Sarge, Pengy, Tatty and Andy. We set out full of hope, single file to hide our numbers.


Grandpaw: Soon we reached our first hurdle – a vast mountain to climb down.


Grandpaw: This is where we lost a couple of team mates. Pengy was first, oh poor deluded Pengy…

(Pengy: I can fly down, I’m a bird!)

(Sarge: Pengy, no! Penguins can’t fly…)


Pengy: Wheeeeeeeee! SPLAT

Grandpaw: The rest of us took our time. Sarge was a great help.


Grandpaw: But Tatty took a tumble, landed on his head.


Grandpaw: At last we reached the bottom, but then we saw them coming…

Grandpup 1: Who, Grandpaw, who?

Grandpup 2: Yes, tell us Grandpaw, tell us!

Grandpaw: The Empire, that’s who. Shock troops, distant at first but coming closer, ever closer…


Grandpaw: … until soon we could see the whites of their bricks.


Grandpaw: That’s when we lost Sarge… he sacrificed himself… threw himself on top of them…


Grandpaw: (forgetting there were children present) …guts everywhere… blood… brains…

Grandpup 2: Urgh, I think I’m gonna… bleurghhhhhhh!


Grandpaw: Er, um, don’t tell your Mum about this… there were just two of us left, myself and Andy, when in a totally freak occurrence The Doctor showed up and decided to show off his sonic screwdriver. A wave of intense sound slammed into Andy. Everything ruptured…


Grandpaw: Realising his mistake, The Doctor swiftly left, leaving me alone.


Grandpaw: I tried to stop him, to make him pay but I tripped over and scuffed myself. And that’s the story of my injury, this scar on my paw.

Grandpup 1: That was a great story, Grandpaw, but…

Grandpup 2: … we were actually wondering about your eye.

Grandpaw: Oh, that! I got that years earlier, in ‘Nam.

Grandpup 1: You were in Vietnam? You really are old! How did it happen? The Vietcong? The NVA?

Grandpaw: No, kids. I was there ten years ago on holiday, got really drunk, slipped in the shower and poked it out on the tap.

Grandpup 1: Oh.

Grandpup 2: I liked your first story better.

Grandpaw: Me too kids. Me too. Now, give your old Grandpaw a kiss and off to bed with you!



The End

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Sunrise this Morning

October 4, 2016 34 comments

Here are some photos I took on my phone when I arrived at work this morning. The sky’s on fire!




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Misty Cornwall

March 11, 2016 30 comments

On my way to work this morning I pulled over into a lay-by to take these photos. I didn’t have my camera with me but my ever-present phone seemed up to the task :-).




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October Sunrise and Sunset

October 13, 2015 16 comments





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Daily Post Photo Challenge – Boundaries

October 2, 2015 25 comments

This week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge is all about boundaries – of any description.

The path is clearly marked. Do not cross this boundary! (Godrevy, Cornwall.)



The boundary between Earth and the infinite beyond. (Out the front of my house, Cornwall.)



Safety and… well, falling off a cliff :-(. (St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall.)

St Michael's Mount

Trees Behind My House

October 1, 2015 16 comments

Here are some trees behind my house, taken from my dinky back garden earlier this evening. But the photo looked too sharp. What to do?

I found a “soften” button on “old faithful” (Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8) so I set it to 10% and there was another setting as well (“edge importance” or some such which I also fiddled with) so I clicked it and it all went blurry. Then I found a “sharpen” button so I clicked that as well to stop it being so blurry! I don’t know what I’m doing :-).




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Sunrise at Work

September 25, 2015 18 comments

I took a couple of photos of yesterday’s sunrise! I only had my phone camera because I was arriving at work and it’s made the sun look like a huge explosion away in the distance :-). I should probably post-process it but I don’t have Photoshop. And I can’t be bothered.



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