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Sharing My World 25-05-2020

May 31, 2020 22 comments

Here is my post for Melanie’s Share Your World.

In your opinion, does patriotism require the belief that one’s country is the greatest on earth?
No. And people who blindly believe that scare me. There are lots of ways you can define “greatest on Earth” anyway. I believe the UK is one of the best places to live overall, but not the best. Basing it on economic and military, it’s probably China but I wouldn’t want to live there.

Why is patriotism considered by some to be the highest of virtues? What is so important about love of country? Shouldn’t we be more concerned about humankind, or the planet as a whole, rather than a single country?
It’s good to love your country. I don’t know who considers patriotism to be the absolute highest of virtues. Sounds like blind faith, no questioning.

What is the relationship between decisions and consequences?
Absolute. You make a decision, it has a consequence. Any decision, big or small. Decision – get out of bed. Consequence – day has begun.

What is social justice?
That’s when someone in the village does something wrong and a mob shows up and dangles them from the nearest tree.

Oh, wait, I just Googled it. It’s not that at all.

What’s one body part you wouldn’t mind losing?
My head. No, I need that. My little toe.

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Sharing My World 18-05-2020

May 24, 2020 16 comments

Here is my post for Melanie’s Share Your World.

What’s something you really resent paying for?
All types of insurance. I don’t like having to pay “just in case”. Grr. Of course, you’re glad of it if your house burns down or your house unexpectedly explodes.

What was the most unsettling film you’ve seen?
Star Trek 5 – The Final Frontier. How could they make something that bad in the midst of the great Star Trek, and actually think it was okay to release and not burn it?

Do you judge people?
I think everyone judges people, whether intentionally or not. The moment you see someone you form an opinion, which will alter over time, but that’s a form of snap judgement.

Finish this sentence: “Back in my day, we…”?
…spent long hot summers riding around the place on our bicycles during long hot summers holidays, not a care in the world…

Gratitude – Please feel free to share an uplifting photo, thought or meme to show your own gratitude. We can all use some good vibes!
A small but significant easing of our lockdown has allowed us to meet one person from outside our household outside, as long as we maintain the 2 metre distance. I went for a couple of walks in the country roads around the village with my friend.

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Sharing My World 11-05-2020

May 17, 2020 19 comments

Here is my post for Melanie’s Share Your World.

Do you have a favourite kind of tree?
Yes, definitely. I’m trying to remember what it’s called. It’s that one with a sort of rough brown bit at the bottom, then it gets narrower as it goes up and sort of branches out into smaller bits. And there are green bits on it higher up.

Hopefully someone can identify it from that description. To summarise – brown at the bottom, branching out, green bits at the top.

What bridges are you happy you burned?
I don’t recall burning any bridges. I like to keep open a way back.

Would you sacrifice yourself (die) for a stranger?
Ha! No, I seriously doubt it. Nobody can truthfully answer that question until they’re actually in the situation, though.

How have your priorities changed since the C-19 virus took over?
I don’t think they have. I’m doing the same things in a different way, that’s all.

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Sharing My World 04-05-2020

May 10, 2020 21 comments

Here is my post for Melanie’s Share Your World.

What can you break even if you don’t touch it?
My first thought was “the heart”. Other people have gone with “a promise”. Apparently there is “a real answer to this”. I wonder if it’s something real rather than an abstract noun.

I, of course, can break many things without touching them due to my Jedi powers.

What’s the most useful thing you own?
My brain. Without it I can’t remember how to use all the other useful things I own.

What’s The Silliest Reason You’ve Ever Gotten Into A Fight With Someone Over?
I can’t remember the last time I got into a “fight”. Probably with my one of my ex’s. You know how that goes, eh? 🙂

If You Were A Snake, How Long Would You Want To Be? No, size does not matter.
Ah, the snake. Universally a symbol of insidious back-stabbing nastiness. Slipping through the grass of life, a word here, a remark there, causing trouble and moving on, slippery, slidey, they cheat, they lie and are never seen, motes of dust, shadows in the night…

Sorry, what was the question again?

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Sharing My World 27-04-2020

May 3, 2020 24 comments

Here is my post for Melanie’s Share Your World.

Do guns protect people or kill people? Or both?
A gun is just a tool, it’s the person pulling the trigger that kills. Technically, there’s very little reason for anyone outside of law enforcement and armed forces to own a gun (aside from pest control). Unfortunately in some countries ownership of guns has propagated so widely that people now buy guns because all the criminals have guns. It’s hard to get back from that.

Is it more important to be respected or liked?
I think I’d rather be liked. And respected. Respected. Liked. Why can’t I have both?

Like and respect me, dammit.

Is having a big ego a negative or positive trait?
I guess it’s a big positive if you’re a powerful business leader, as it’s a cut-throat environment. Unfortunately it doesn’t transfer well from big business to running a country. It just makes you look like a complete prat. Mentioning no names. Ahem.

Depending on your point of view, is death a new beginning?
Well, that’s the question, isn’t it. We’re all agreed that it’s an ending. Whether something else starts, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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Sharing My World 20-04-2020

April 26, 2020 22 comments

Here is my post for Melanie’s Share Your World.

In your opinion what animal is the most majestic?
Ah, that would be the majestic meerkat. Gaze in wonder as he scurries majestically around the desert, or wherever it is meerkats live. Feel that catch in your throat as he stands majestically on his hind legs, gazing with majestic solemness across the desert landscape, or the landscape of wherever meerkats live.

Truly the king of beasts.

What seemingly innocent question makes you think “It’s a trap!”?
“Does my bum look big in this? If you love me, you’ll be honest…”

What weird potato chip flavour that doesn’t exist would you like to try?
Surely every possible flavour of crisp has been already produced by now? There’s some weird stuff out there. I found a site listing some weird flavours, including squid, cucumber and cinnamon and sugar (erk!). However, it’s an American site as it also listed, as being really “out-there” from across the pond (ie. here), prawn cocktail crisps. I grew up on prawn cocktail crisps!

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Sharing My World 13-04-2020

April 19, 2020 20 comments

Here is my post for Melanie’s Share Your World.

What do you do to get rid of stress?
I charge around virtual worlds on my PS4, slaughtering people. It’s okay, they deserve it. I don’t kill innocent villagers. Well, not on purpose, sometimes an badly-aimed arrow takes ones out.

I also read and watch TV.

In the past people were buried with the items they would need in the afterlife, what would you want buried with you so you could use it in the afterlife?
Hmm, I’m thinking the usual tech and so on, but what if there’s no electricity in the afterlife? Maybe I’m better off going unencumbered. A new start once I’m dead, so to speak.

What’s the opposite of a koala?
That would be the anti-koala. Made completely of antimatter (and courtesy of Lightroom’s Tone Curve), when this guy meets a regular koala they self-annihilate!

What’s the creepiest tech out there?
Those robots that look like humans. Shudder!

What method are you using to find your smile right now?
Remember those computer games I play? I have a new strategy! Shoot an enemy from long range with a fire arrow. Once he’s on fire, all his mates run out to put out the flames, making themselves easy targets. Then you set them on fire too.


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