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Too much time

I’ve been shamed. I’ve been guiltified. One of my fellow bloggers has asked why there are so few posts waiting in her reader. Where has everyone gone?

I’m one of the non-posting culprits. Okay, I’m notorious for having a post-spurt and then going ominously quiet, which is what has just happened. So this is basically a post to tell you all where I’ve been the last couple of weeks.

Nowhere! That’s where I’ve been. In fact I’ve haven’t even been at work since Tuesday, and therein lies the problem (well, part of it anyway). Too much time on my hands.

Strangely, the more time I have, the less I seem to do. I decide not to do anything “right now” because I’ve got so much time, I can easily do it later. And then I don’t.

I’m great if I’ve hardly got any time at all. I can bang stuff out just like that. It’s not just writing posts either. If, say, the bathroom floor needs a clean and I have twenty minutes free, I’ll rush right in there and do it. If, however, I have a couple of hours free I’ll do it “later”.

Of course, when it comes to posting, there’s the whole “inspiration” thing as well. Sometimes I’ll get all inspired by the Daily Prompt, sometimes I just think that I have nothing to say on the subject. I probably could if I tried but I don’t take the time to think. I’m either working, or watching TV or reading. I rarely sit down and just think. I’ve found a couple of old photos and I’m hoping to get some poetry inspiration from them, though poetry’s not really my thing. Let’s see how that goes.

How about you? Do you see loads of free time and get loads done, or are you better when time is short?

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