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Draliman’s First Bake Extravaganza!

July 2, 2016 71 comments

Yes, you heard it correctly. I’ve done some baking! If you discount helping my mum as a toddler or cooking stuff in Home Economics at school, my first baking ever!

I am also tentatively linking this post to Maria and Rosema’s Word-High July for yesterday. The Filipino word was “kilig” meaning “butterflies in one’s stomach”, as I had butterflies in my stomach over the outcome of my baking!

I decided to make a Victoria Sponge, so I found a recipe on the BBC website from none other than Mary Berry.

I toddled off down the shops and got the ingredients, cake tins, mixing bowl, a cooling rack and so on. What I didn’t get was an electric mixer so I used a wooden spoon (old school!) and also I didn’t have any way to actually measure ingredients 😦

So “225g of self-raising flour” turned into “that’s about 1/6 of the bag, so that’s about down to the top of the logo on the packet – bung it in!”

Here is the finished creation. After I ate a huge slice.


It’s very tasty! I gave some to my friends and they were very impressed by how light the sponge was.

So, I am classifying my first ever baking attempt as a success! I will be buying kitchen scales and an electric mixer, though 🙂