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A week of news

March 4, 2012 Leave a comment

Hello, and welcome to the first part of “A week of news”, which aims to get me posting at least once a week! This is unlikely but let’s just wait and see. It also means I’ll have to keep up with World Events…

(This was supposed to be serious but after reading it through, it appears to be somewhat cynical and morbid. Apologies.)

Another Costa problem

No, not the coffee house, the shipping fleet. Hot on the heels of the Concordia tragedy, this time it’s the turn of the Allegra. Thankfully no-one was hurt this time, and the ship, adrift, was towed to safety.  Though two ships from the same company having problems within such a short period of time is almost certainly coincidence, it’s bound to make people more wary, which is bad news for travel companies and the economy.

When they talked to the captain they were astonished to find that, in the face of recent Costa tradition, he had actually stayed on board. Good on you, Cap.


Tornadoes have hit the mid-West and South of the USA, causing tragic loss of life. Last year was the same. Is it just me, or are natural disasters hitting with increasing regularity and ferocity (I’m also thinking of the recent earthquakes and tsunamis)? Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live in the UK. It gets “hot” but not that hot. It gets cold (and we’ve had a couple of nasty winters) but it doesn’t get really really cold. We’ve had floods, but not enough to wash away towns. We have earthquakes – sometimes so “bad” that people at the epicentre describe their teacups rattling in their saucers. Nothing ever actually collapses.

Is this planet falling apart? Is it something we did…?


Things are hotting up in the US, with Romney, Santorum and Gingrich rushing around the country trying to win votes. They are all Republicans but appear to be working against each other at something called “primaries”. I don’t understand any of this, though it will be interesting to see who is the “last wallet standing”.

Meanwhile, in the UK the country is gearing up enthusiastically for council elections in May, which will be a good indicator of public opinion on the government. These coincide with the election for the Mayor of London. I hope Boris Johnson is re-elected because I think he’s funny.

And in that bastion of democracy, Iran, they have also been holding elections. However, the opposition Green Movement are unlikely to win as apparently they’ve been under house arrest since 2009.

Cameron and the horse

And finally, after much speculation and flying about of rumours, it has transpired that UK PM David Cameron did in fact once ride a retired police horse which was on loan to former News of the World editor Rebekah Brooks.

Is this really headline news? Well, is it? Really?