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Daily Prompt: Worldly Encounters

May 16, 2014 18 comments

Wow, I haven’t done one of these for a while!

Worldly EncountersThe friendly, English-speaking extraterrestrial you run into outside your house is asking you to recommend the one book, movie, or song that explains what humans are all about. What do you pick?

So this extraterrestrial’s friendly is it? Wants to learn ALL ABOUT US does it? Hmm, I’m suspicious.

Even if he/she/it is telling the truth, what about its friends? For this reason I pick the film “Independence Day”.


Taken from Wikipedia

This would serve as a warning to keep them civil, just in case they get any funny ideas about making our planet (or what’s left of it) “their own”.

They’ll soon see that if they step out of line, we’ll stuff a USB key in their mother ship’s dashboard and infect their little green asses with viruses and trojans and maybe a bunch of spam selling “enlargening equipment”. And their shields will fail as well.

Now that we’re clear on the ground rules, “Welcome to Earth!”

Image Wikipedia, believed to be copyright 20th Century Fox, low resolution version unsuitable for reproduction etc etc.

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