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Love Notes – Full Circle

September 29, 2013 16 comments


Sometimes called a billet-doux, or a love letter, a love note is a personal letter to a loved one expressing affection.  The loved one does not necessarily have to be animate, human, alive, or known.

The theme for this week’s Prompt for the Promptless, hosted as ever by the talented Queen Creative, is love letters!

I thought we’d take a look at love letters through the ages. Let’s start with a love letter recently discovered carved into a stone tablet, which was buried in the middle of a desert somewhere probably.


Me kill mammoth. Me get meat. Me big. Me strong. Me want you. Me make you happy.

Me pick you up at eight.


As you can see, the cavemen didn’t waste words – in fact they didn’t have many words to waste! There is a directness to this letter which I find refreshing.

Next up, let’s zoom all the way forward to medieval England. A period of chivalrous knights and beautiful damsels, you say? Not a bit of it! Take a look at this recently discovered example.

My Lady Emily,

You hath spurned me for the attentions of Sir Bravealot and humiliated me in front of ye entire court. Therefore I hath struck down Sir Bravealot with mine sword. I hath also seen ye glancing in ye direction of Sir Slashalot. Thusly hath I sliced him open also.

Thus hath you but one suitor remaining in life – me.

I shalt pick ye up at eight.

Sir Killalot

Wow – serious stuff. I imagine that “Lady Emily” feels pretty special as Sir Killalot slaughters his way into her heart.

Let’s zip forward to the roaring Twenties next. Now we really get to hear some flowery stuff, as evidenced by this next example.

My Dearest Miss Emily,
When I caught a glimpse of you today, I swear my heart missed a beat.
Your alabaster skin, soft and pure as the most perfect of rose petals. Your eyes, sparkling as the stars in the night sky. The smile that comes so easily to your lips, lighting the room like the brightest of suns. Your laugh, the tinkling of the most perfectly crafted of wind chimes.
I shall pick you up at eight.
Always yours,
Crispin Bonneville, Esq

Surely we have reached the very pinnacle of love letters! Let’s try the Fifties next.

Dear Emmy-Sue,

Gosh, I enjoyed our lunch date today! You’re so smart and so pretty, Emmy-Sue! Top in your class, a cheerleader and one of the most popular girls in the school! Gosh, Emmy-Sue, I can’t wait to take you to the sock hop tonight! And please assure your Ma and Pa I’ll have you home safe and sound by ten!

Gosh, I’ll pick you up at eight!


Although not as flowery as our Twenties example, I love the sweet innocence of this letter. Any girl would surely feel special to receive this! Finally, we’ll take a look at a typical love letter of our time. Well, love text.

yo ems i saw u in da club an u woz lookin sick innit lez hook up 4 sum fun innit we go 2 da kebab van and weez has a gud time i pick u up at 8 yo

And there you have it. I’m not even sure it’s written in English. I mean, what the hell? Such a shame.

We have seen that love letters have pretty much gone full circle. We began, and ended, with the caveman.