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Minty Merriwether – Book Imp!

June 12, 2013 7 comments

Weekly Writing Challenge: Clicking Through the Pages – break up longer posts by adding pagination to them – be sure to click on the page numbers at the bottom to read the whole story – there are 3 pages!

“Katherine Mary Williams!”

Katie’s Mum’s voice drifted up the stairs. She didn’t sound happy.

Uh oh, thought Katie. Whenever Mum used her full name, she was in trouble.

“You’ve been at the cheese again! You’ll have nightmares! Go to bed, we’ll talk in the morning.”

“OK, Mum, sorry Mum!” Katie called back, and closed her bedroom door. She loved her cheese. A little telling off tomorrow would be worth it. She climbed into her Hello Kitty pyjamas, tucked herself into bed and fell asleep.

It was the small hours of the morning when there was a popping sound, a cloud of smoke and a flash of light. Standing on the end of the bed was a small creature. He looked around and opened his mouth, as if he were about to speak.

Katie slept on, oblivious.

The little creature looked at her, a perplexed look on his face as her snores filled the room. With a “harrumph” he abruptly disappeared, quite suddenly and without any of the ceremony which had heralded his arrival.

Seconds later there was another, much louder popping sound, even more smoke and a significantly brighter flash of light and the creature returned. Katie shot bolt upright in bed, eyes wide.

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