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Secret Santa and the Christmas Market

December 24, 2014 27 comments

Secret Santa has been! We do that every year at the work Christmas Party, and here is what I got.


That’s a massive bar o’ chocolate and a “talking” Chewbacca. He makes Chewie noises when you squeeze him! The little tag is my work avatar, Christmas-ified as a present tag.

I also went to the Christmas Market in the village hall. As well as sausages, bread and such I also bought this, ideal for keeping my tootsies warm.



And also this – a dinky chocolate-coated one-man Christmas cake in a little box.


I don’t really like Christmas cake all that much 🙂 but I couldn’t resist the cuteness of the little cake, so I also bought a pot of Cornish clotted cream to mask the taste.



Merry Christmas, everyone!