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Shopping Around the World September

September 26, 2014 27 comments

Here is my contribution to Bacon and Fozzie’s monthly “Shopping Around the World” feature. It was supposed to be Wednesday but that’s my flash fiction day, and I was busy yesterday.

This month is all about fruit and vegetables! I Googled what “fruit and vegetables” are, so I’m ready to go. Here are the results from the Cornwall, UK jury!

I don’t buy apples, but I’ve looked up the prices. There are so many different types of apple. Who knew? You can get a pack of 7 “Goodness” apples for £1.35 (US$2.19, €1.73). They must be the cheap brand. Good old Granny Smiths are £1.75 (US$2.84, €2.24) for 5.

I like strawberries! I went to pick my own last month and got quite a few for £1.65 (US$2.68, €2.11). In the shop, they’re £2.00 (US$3.25, €2.56) for 300g.

I don’t buy (or eat) carrots, but I’ve looked up the prices. £0.80 (US$1.30, €1.02) for a kg. Yucky little orange things.

Green Beans
beans? That’s obviously a typo. Everyone knows beans are orange and come in tomato sauce. That’s food 101, that is.

Heinz Beans

There you go. £0.42 (US$0.68, €0.54) for a 150g can.

I’ve heard of this. It’s that tasteless green leafy stuff, right? £0.49 (US$0.80, €0.63) each. If I were you, I’d spend your 49p on a can of beans, and have change left over.

Random fruit if your choice
I’m going to go for Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut bar. It’s got “fruit” in the title, so that counts. I don’t like nuts and I hate raisins, but fortunately it’s mostly chocolate. That’s £1.40 ($US2.28, €1.79) for a 120g bar. Here’s a photo.

Fruit And Nut bar

Mmm, Fruit and… HEY!

It was me.
Who said that?
Me. I ate your chocolate bar. It was me.
We’ll have words later.

Random vegetable of your choice
Potato. I like to bake potatoes. Then I add a ton of butter and chuck chilli all over it, so not quite as healthy as it might be. £2.00 (US$3.25, €2.56) for 2.5kg.

See you all again next month for more Shopping Around the World mayhem!

Shopping Around the World August

August 28, 2014 31 comments

Yesterday was the scheduled date for Bacon and Fozzie’s “Shopping Around the World” feature! I’m a day late as yesterday I did my Friday Fictioneers (yes, Friday Fictioneers starts on a Wednesday).

Here are the prices for the goods they have chosen for the south west of England.

Water.  Let’s shoot for a price on a 24 pack of water.  This is something that we use every day and can’t live without.  Some people drink it straight from the faucet while others of us buy bottles.  What is the price of a 24 pack of water in your area and what brand?
I occasionally drink water, but I only buy 6 packs of 500ml bottles, so I’ll have to go online for this price! Off to…

First off, it has to be sparkling water. If I want still water, I’ll get it from the tap (which apparently is what “faucet” means). I looked and looked and I can’t find any 24 packs, the most was 12. I’ll show the ones I buy – 6 x 500ml.



This costs £1.50, which is US$2.49. In terms of quantity, as Bacon posted his in “ounces”, 500ml = 16.9 US fluid ounces.

As a bonus, the website proudly proclaims that this water is vegetarian-safe! Who knew?

Bath Soap.  Something ‘most’ of us use when we shower – or I hope so anyway snorts. What brand do you get, how many boxes together and how much.  I say how many boxes because I know sometimes they are sold in packages of 1 or 2 – sometimes more.
To be honest, I haven’t bought a bar of soap for many many years. Maybe decades. So I’ll have to give you the price for shower gel. I buy Lynx shower gel, which is £2.40 (US$3.98) for one 250ml bottle. Currently it’s on offer for £1.20!

Because, obviously, shower gel doesn’t go off, I tend to wait until it’s on offer and then buy loads.

Deodorant.  This is something that has blown mom’s mind lately – the price of deodorant – WOW!  Again, this is something that most of us use every day or should.  Tell us what brand you get and how much.
Again, I buy Lynx deodorant. According to the TV adverts, all you need to do is squirt it a bit and then thousands of women come running. It hasn’t worked for me yet, but I live in hope that one day it will live up to its advertising. I’m not greedy, one woman will do.

This is currently around £3.50 for a 200ml bottle (it varies a lot). Again, I wait for an offer and buy loads at once.

Laundry Detergent.  Another product that is important in our lives while washing our clothes.  What kind do you buy, the price and size.
There are lots of different types of this – colour fast, bio, non-bio… As a bloke I don’t care, as I chuck everything in together anyway. I buy Ariel “whatever”. This is the one I currently have in my cupboard (cupboard not shown).


This comes to around £6.00 (US$9.94) for 20 washes. One of these boxes will last me around 4 months. I expect someone’s going to work out my “washes per week” now. Be kind.

Random Item.  This is something that we are going to start incorporating every month.  This is your choice.  List a random item from your area, what it is and the price.  ALL YOUR CHOICE
For my random item I’ve chosen half a dozen medium-sized free range “happy eggs” from the Happy Egg Co. Because nobody likes an unhappy egg. These cost £1.95 (US$3.23) and I used two last night to make this scrummy omelette, with bacon and cheese.



This is the first omelette I have ever made! My boss at work gave me instructions (thanks, boss!) and although it turns out I have neither omelette pan nor mixing bowl, I made do.

Now that I’m clearly a master chef, I’ll need to try a soufflé or baked Alaska next, because how hard could they really be? 🙂

Shopping Around the World July

July 30, 2014 43 comments

I thought I’d join in with Bacon and Fozzie’s Shopping around the World feature this time around. The idea is post the costs of various items so that we can see how much things cost around the world!

Here’s the list. My prices come to you from Cornwall, South-West England.

Toilet Paper
I always buy Andrex Puppies on a Roll. It’s a bit more expensive but I don’t care. It absolutely has to be Puppies on a Roll. Because it’s cute. Even when I was saving up to buy a house I splurged on Puppies on a Roll. Why? Because it’s cute.

One time I couldn’t get Puppies on a Roll and I was most dismayed.


That’s a picture of a 4 pack but I always buy a 9 pack (sometimes you even get 3 rolls free!).

A 9 pack costs me £4.49 (€5.67, US$7.60).

Regular package of ground beef
Small problem here – what’s a “regular package”? Come to that, what exactly is “ground beef”? Minced beef I guess? I’m going to post the price of the stuff I buy – store-brand lean minced steak beef, 500g. That costs £4.00 (€5.06, US$6.77).

Store bought pizza
I always buy thin-crust pepperoni pizza (store brand). This costs £2.25 (€2.84, US$3.81) for one, but I always buy 2 for £4.00 (€5.06, US$6.77). They’re not the highest quality pizza, but I add cheese and plenty of Tabasco sauce on the top. Yum 🙂




Is that extra cheese? Why yes, yes it is.

Package of hot dogs
I haven’t bought these for years, but I located several examples for all sorts of prices. They don’t come in packages in this country, generally. Proper sausages (i.e. the Great British Banger!) come in packages, but hot dog sausages come in tins, usually in brine.


This is probably the sort of thing I would buy, were I to buy them, and this tin of 8 hot dog sausages would set you back a very reasonable £1.29 (€1.63 , US$2.18).

Tell you what’s really nice – hot dog sausage, slice along the sausage but not all the way through, fill with Marmite so it melts and stuff it in bread. Mmm! Bit messy, mind.

Package of bacon
Mmm, bacon. I buy store-brand back bacon, 8 rashers, unsmoked (300g) costing £2.55 (€3.22, US$4.31).

Mmm, bacon.