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The Right Thing to Do

Last month riots and looting erupted in London and spread to some other major cities in England. Recent stories have reported that 75% of those arrested were “known to the police”.  So what about the rest? Some stories reported arrests of ordinary people with ordinary jobs who thought they’d pop into some of the shops and help themselves.

So why did these people do it? Maybe they were caught up in the “excitement”. Maybe they also did it because they thought there were so many people involved they wouldn’t get caught. So, was fear of getting into trouble the only thing which previously held these people back?

We see this behaviour on a small scale every day. How many times does a car scream past you, slam on the brakes as it approaches a speed camera, then roar away again. They’re not interested in obeying the law, just in not getting caught.

It may be a naive hope, but maybe one day everyone will do the Right Thing simply because it’s the Right Thing To Do.

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