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Diversions and Bad Choices

I was driving home around 10pm last night and got a bit caught out. I’d just done my shopping and decided to go home the long way, as I knew there was resurfacing work in town and didn’t want to get caught. Three miles out of town I encountered what I assume was an accident,  judging by the police cars. In any case, the road was closed and I had to turn back, forcing me to drive all the way back into town (I say “all the way”, it was actually only a couple of miles, but with my shopping slowly defrosting in the boot of the car, it felt further). Once there, of course, I had to sit at the traffic lights while the road resurfacing crew did their thing.

That reminded me of an (after the fact) amusing incident from many years ago. I was driving home from Surrey to Hampshire (where I was living at the time) on the main road just after dark when I encountered a police diversion, sending a whole queue of us off down a road I’d never seen before. Figuring most of the traffic would be attempting to rejoin the main road, I picked the car ahead and followed it. Now I’m switching to “story mode”, properly overdone and with associated poetic licence…

“Storm clouds gathered ominously overhead as I drove deeper and deeper into the unknown. The queue of cars ahead and behind me began to thin out as the rain began to fall, a few drops at first, then harder and harder until the wipers, frantically sweeping across the windscreen, could no longer cope and visibility fell to almost nothing. Sweat trickled down my brow as I clung to the red rear lights ahead of me. Deeper and deeper into the wilderness we drove, as more and more cars left the queue. A sharp stab of fear shot through me as we passed a sign – “Welcome to West Sussex”. I knew this was all wrong – wrong road, wrong county, wrong night for this. The last of the cars disappeared, leaving only myself and the car ahead – my guide, my last hope. In a sudden flash of lightening my worst fears were realised as the car ahead pulled into a driveway. He was home, I was lost.”

I can’t remember how I got home from there. I guess I kept going until I saw a sign to a town I recognised and followed my nose from there. The moral of the story? Don’t follow a random car in the hopes they’re going the same way as you. Because they’re not.

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