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Sharing My World Week 16

April 27, 2014 35 comments

It’s Share Your World time again. That seems to have come around pretty quickly! I don’t know where the week has gone. Share Your World is hosted by Cee in which she poses questions about ourselves.


How many places have you lived? You can share the number of physical residences and/or the number of cities.
I was thinking that I’ve lived in loads of places, but on reading some other people’s answers, I really haven’t in comparison, and it was mostly moving around while at university, because that’s what students have to do!

  • Carnon Downs, Cornwall, UK until age 5 (I don’t remember much about this place)
  • Truro, Cornwall, UK until age 18
  • Here begin the “University Years” – Guildford, Surrey, UK
    • University accommodation (first year)
    • Guildford town (second year)
    • Stuttgart, Germany (third year – unleashed loose in the world!)
    • University accommodation (final year)
    • Guildford town (the PhD years)
    • Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK (post-doc year one)
    • Liss, Hampshire, UK (post-doc year two) (end of the “University Years”)
  • Cork, County Cork, Ireland (three years)
  • Cobh, County Cork, Ireland (one year)
  • Truro, Cornwall, UK (three years)
  • Elsewhere in Truro, Cornwall, UK (two years)
  • Redruth, Cornwall, UK (five and a half years)
  • Grampound Road, Cornwall, UK (two months so far)

One of the places I lived in at university accommodation was floor three in Bourne House. Sometimes when the phone in the kitchen rang we would all sing “Bourne Three” (“Born Free”). Ha ha ha.

What type of music relaxes you the most?
That depends on my mood. Something like Enya would do the trick. Anything except classical. Classical music winds me up big time. It makes me feel like I’m in a lift (elevator) or a restaurant. I keep expecting the doors to ding open on the sports equipment floor, or someone to come over and ask me if my food is to my liking.

If you could instantly become fluent in another language, what would that language be and why?
Didn’t I already more or less answer this one, and went for Klingon? I’ll choose something else, then. I’ll go for “American”. That way I won’t have to keep looking stuff up. Especially food. I spent years thinking “zucchini” was some sort of exotic meal, when in reality it’s just a¬†courgette. What the hell is “falafel” or this “bear claw” thing people on US dramas keep eating? It would be nice to have this information at my fingertips!

If you could fly or breathe under water what would you prefer?
I would prefer to fly! As Abba said in the song “Eagle”:

“And I dream I’m an eagle
And I dream I can spread my wings
Flying high, high, I’m a bird in the sky
I’m an eagle that rides on the breeze
High, high, what a feeling to fly
Over mountains and forests and seas
And to go anywhere that I please”

That’s all for this week! Bonus question? What bonus question?