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Sharing My World 2017 Week 21

May 21, 2017 24 comments

Here is my post for Cee’s Share Your World series.


How many languages do you you speak?
Mink bimble flibble hatstand meep meep. Snurgle McPhee mehaaaaaa.

None, evidently.

What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating?
I’m reading one of my standard urban Gothic-style books. You know the sort of thing – feisty heroine, has some sort of “banned” magic, living in secret, demons attack blah blah blah. Also “The Invisible Man” by HG Wells for my book group.

I’m watching Grimm series 5 (I think), Once Upon a Time series 6 (?) and Colony series 1 (all on Netflix). I have a few things lined up including iZombie series 3 (?). Looking forward to that! While writing this I’m watching Casualty from last night.

I’m listening to a lot of Gin Wigmore, The Pretty Reckless, Evanescence and Dragonette at the moment.

I’m eating all sorts of stuff. Mostly with hot sauce.

What was the last photo you took with your phone?
This one. I took it yesterday for my Instagram to illustrate the beauty of Spring time.

What is your favourite time of day?
Right at the beginning 🙂

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Sharing My World 2017 Week 19

May 14, 2017 30 comments

Here is my post for Cee’s Share Your World.


When you’re alone at home, do you wear shoes, socks, slippers, or go barefoot?
I have a battered old pair of slippers. When you vacuum as “often” as I do, barefoot is not to be recommended heh heh.

What was your favourite food when you were a child?
Yeek, that’s a long time ago to remember. I really liked a chocolate bar called “Yorkie”. Does that count as a food?

Are you a listener or talker?
I listen a lot. I can also talk a fair amount once I’m comfortable with people. With new people I keep my mouth shut until I’ve listened a lot and have sussed out what sort of people they are, their sense of humour, topics to avoid and so on.

Favourite thing to (pick one):  Photograph?  Write? Or Cook?
Do I pick one topic or do I pick one thing from each topic?

Photograph: views of nice places.

Write: flash fiction, preferably with dark/quirky humour.

Cook: I’m more a fan of eating the cooking rather than the cooking itself 🙂

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Sharing My World 2017 Week 18

May 7, 2017 40 comments

Here is my post for Cee’s Share Your World.


Would you rather live where it is always hot or always cold?

You want an actual answer. I’ll rephrase.


Okay then, if I have to answer, cold. At least in a cold climate I can put on more clothes and switch on the heating. There’s not a lot you can do when it’s too hot.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself? 
Definitely short. Long hair can get annoying (and my hair’s never been particularly long).

What is your favourite month of the year?
That’s a tricky one.

December has Christmas in it but it’s pretty cold. June to August can be quite warm so that’s nice. Back when I was younger September was very nice, warm and dry, but in recent years it’s been pretty wet.

Every month has its plus and minus points. Except January. January’s just rubbish.

What is the easiest way for your to learn something new?  By reading, by seeing and doing, in a classroom?
I like to do things. Someone can tell me and/or show me how to do something all they like, but until I’ve tried it myself it doesn’t really sink in.

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Sharing My World 2017 Week 17

April 30, 2017 38 comments

Here is my post for Cee’s Share Your World.


Wanting something to quench your thirst, what would you drink?
Something sugar-free and fizzy straight from the fridge. If it has a little ice floating in it, all the better!

Lemonade and Coke

Mmmm. Nearly no calories of tasty refreshment.

Complete this sentence:  Never In My Life Have I…
… visited the extra-dimensional space, that space between spaces, the world you can only catch glimpses of out of the corner of your eye, the land where the fairies live. And Hobbits too, probably.

If you could be given any gift what would it be?
Not wishing to sound greedy, but just the one gift, is it?

Then I shall take the gift of dance, that I may bring joy to the world with my snappy footwork. Or a million pounds. I haven’t quite decided.

What do you do if you can’t sleep at night? Do you count sheep, toss and turn, or get up and try to do something productive?
I get little phases of this maybe a couple of times a year for a couple of days. Generally I just toss and turn for a bit. It usually happens during the summer when it’s a bit hot.

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Sharing My World 2017 Week 16

April 23, 2017 30 comments

Here is my post for Cee’s Share Your World.


When writing by hand do you prefer to use a pencil or pen?
I use a pen, a standard Bic biro. Cheap, light and chewable. I don’t write much anyway – birthday and Christmas cards, thank you letters and notes at work, that’s all.

Would you rather be an amazing dancer or an amazing singer?
That’s a tricky one to answer as I’m already awesome at both. You should see my feet move when I’m “throwing some shapes” of a weekend. And my singing is second to none (as long as whatever I’m singing along to is loud enough to drown me out).

If you were on a debate team, what subject would you relish debating?
I would debate the merits of debating debates in the debate in the hopes that this would cause a metaphysical spiral of infinity, causing the auditorium to implode so we could all go home early and do the watching of the Netflix.

What are you a “natural” at doing?
I don’t know that I’m really a “natural” at doing anything. I’m quite good at learning things to an “okay” level, though.

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Sharing My World 2017 Week 15

April 16, 2017 41 comments

Here is my post for Cee’s Share Your World.


Have you ever participated in a distance walking, swimming, running, or biking event? Tell your story.
I have done quite a few marathons.

Netflix marathons.

Ha ha ha.


Name one thing not many people know about you.
No, because then lots of people would know it about me 🙂

What is your favourite flower?
I don’t really have a favourite flower. I have favourite flower colours, my preference being blues and purples. Here are some which pop up in my back garden every Spring.

I don’t know anything about flowers but I’m guessing they’re bluebells since they’re blue and they looks like bells.

Things I want to have in my home (paintings, hot tubs, book cases, big screen TV etc)
I’ve pretty much got everything in my house that I want/need. The TV in the sitting room is already as big as will fit, though it’s not big by today’s standards (42″).

Catching up on last night’s “Casualty”

I have pictures on the walls and as many book cases as I have wall space for.

My house is full!


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Sharing My Toast Week 14

April 9, 2017 41 comments

Cee’s Share Your World is on pause this week as she was ill on question-setting day (I hope you’re feeling better, Cee!). There have been a couple of sets of questions drifting around but I thought that after last week’s small fire you might like to know how I’m getting on with my cheese toastie experiments.

When it comes to things like this, I’ve always been a “to the max” kinda person. Shelf right up the top, grill set to maximum power. That probably contributed to my toasties bursting into flames. So this week, I moved the shelf down to the bottom!


As you can see, a partial success. No flames this time, but still plenty of burnt bits to cut off. The sauce on the top is this one.


The downside is that because the sauce is on the top it touches my lips, which burns quite a lot. This isn’t the sort of sauce you want to get on your lips, your chin, open cuts, anywhere sensitive…

For next week I have a new plan! My grill has two settings – full and half.


I was under the impression that “half” only heated half the grill, like the left or something. In case you only wanted to grill one piece of toast.

Now that I think about it, it sounds a bit mad.

So next week I will try a lower shelf plus half-power. Wish me luck!