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Close Call

January 13, 2015 37 comments

It’s time for Mondays Finish the Story, a weekly challenge hosted by Barbara Beacham in which we get both a photograph and an opening sentence.

The goal is to finish the story in 100-150 words not including the opening sentence, which is fortunate as the opening sentence is quite long this week!

Click on the little blue guy to see the other stories for this week. The supplied opening sentence is in bold in my story.



Racing down into the atmosphere, the unidentified object crashed, leaving behind one heck of a huge crater and a plume of smoke that could be seen from miles around.

Jake and Betty stared in astonishment – at the sky, having been blown off their feet by the blast. Jake reached for his phone.

The police arrived, then the onlookers and finally General Herbert, accompanied by a single tank, his entire arsenal.

A small grey-green figure emerged from the crater, waving all six of his arms enthusiastically. He held up a satchel of some sort.

“Invasion!” yelled Herbert. “Open fire!”

The little figure exploded in a shower of alien guts, sheaves of paper flying from his satchel. Herbert retrieved one.

InterGalactic Pizza™ now operating on your planet. Call today!

“No!” yelled Herbert. “What have I done? A pizza delivery alien. Harmless, innocent, nooooo!”

On the ground was a small device. A radio? He pushed the button.

“Hello? Is anyone there? I’m so sorry…”

“Yes?” said a voice.

“Oh, thank God. We’ll have five quattro formaggi and a side of coleslaw.”