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FF – SpyBird

June 13, 2018 72 comments

Here is my story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. This week’s photo was contributed by Jean L. Hays.

I’m not all that taken with my story this week, it just seems to amble along, but never mind 🙂

Copyright Jean L. Hays


Inside the truck, Agent Smith describes his new invention to his superiors…

“There’s SpyBird approaching the house, its cunningly situated head-mounted micro-camera transmitting everything it sees to our monitor. See how it sneaks covertly past the window.”

Inside the drug dealers’ house…

“Hey, there’s a bird flapping around outside the window with a great big camera strapped to its head. Kill it!”

And so Agent Smith’s SpyBird was consigned to the bin of espionage history alongside his equally ill-fated MurderPen, ExplosionSoap and ElectrocutionDoorbell. He later died of massive blood loss following an unfortunate incident during development of his ScissorBladeToiletSeat.


Pegman – The Forever Bunker

June 10, 2018 46 comments

Here is a story I wrote for What Pegman Saw, which takes us to Palo Duro State Park in Texas.

I seem to drop in and out of Pegman when the muse takes me and when I have time. Hope that’s okay.

Copyright Erik Rathgaber for Google Maps


Jeff checked the environmental seals, as he did every day. The same routine, every day of his life.

Ding dong!

The doorbell! This had never happened before! He ran to the hatch, donned his environmental suit and triggered the release. Outside stood a man… in normal clothes!

“How… how…?”

“Is this bunker 27? What are you all still doing down there? The Earth has been habitable for over 100 years!”

“But… I’ve looked out, every day. There’s nothing… devastation for miles, only scrub…”

“It’s the desert. It’s supposed to look like that.”

“The desert? Why was I not informed?”

“It’s all in the literature.”

“Well, maybe, but who has the time to read all that?”

“Time? Time? You’ve had nothing but time.”

“Hmm. 100 years, you say? I don’t suppose the others’ll be all that happy. Best not tell them. Good day to you.”


100 years later…

Ding dong!


FF – DocuDrone 4000

June 6, 2018 65 comments

Here is my story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. This week’s photo was contributed by Roger Bultot.

Copyright Roger Bultot


“Good, yes, good shot, zoom…”

“This drone is great. This’ll be one hell of a documentary.”

“Yep! Lower… careful, CAREFUL! Okay, that was his carotid artery. What a mess.”

“It’s really hard to control.”

“Watch out… urgh. I hope she wasn’t right-handed.”

“Why are the rotor blades so sharp?”

“Dunno. We got it cheap from military surplus.”

“Zooming in for a headshot. Wonder what this button does?”

 Rat-a-tat-a-tat splatter.

“Oh, hell. Headshot is right.”

“What’s the name of this documentary, anyway?”

“Originally, Faces of Art. Now… Murder at the Museum? Bohemian Bloodbath? Thirty to Life, No Parole? Take your pick.”


FF – Not to be Trifled With

May 30, 2018 60 comments

Here is my story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. This week’s photo was contributed by Connie Gayer. After insulting Rochelle’s heirloom last week, I thought I’d leave Russell alone 🙂

Copyright Connie Gayer


“What’ya doin’, Bill?”

“Planting taters!”

“What fer?”

“Uncle Frank say he givin’ me a hun’red dollars fer doin’ it!”

“Wow! A hun’red dollars! You’ll be rich. Where’d he git so much?”

“Stole it off’a Aunt Vera, he tol’ me.”

“Whoa. Scary lady. Not ter be trifled wiv. Don’t you be gittin’ mixed up in it, Bill.”

“C’mon, what she gonna do? I kin buy a new bike, new shoes, everyfink!”

“Yeah, true. An’ it’ll be Uncle Frank she mad at, not you.”

“Hey, wos dis? Somefink’s in da hole!”

“Dig down!”

“Diggin’! Ooh…”

“Wos down dere?”

“Uncle Frank.”

“Well, shit.”


FF – Out of Ideas

May 23, 2018 72 comments

Here is my “not really a story” for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. This week’s photo was contributed by Rochelle.

I was a bit stumped this week and didn’t have a lot of time.


“Okay then, here goes…

“The mists rolled ominously across the moors. Bethwick drew a deep breath, cocked his rifle and strode out into the gloom. Suddenly…”

“Hang on, what’s this?”

“My photo prompt story.”

“You’re supposed to be writing about a weed in an ash tray.”

“Shh, keep it down. That’s probably her prize crystal serving dish.”

“It’s definitely a weed, though.”

“Yeah, I’ll give you that. Okay, ditch the tale of intrigue and murder out on the misty moors. Take two!”

“There once was a weed which lived in an ash… I’m not feeling it. Pub?”



FF – Wrath of the Gods

May 16, 2018 88 comments

Here is my story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. This week’s photo was submitted by Courtney Wright from an anonymous source.

Heh. I started smiling the instant I saw this and within 5 minutes my story was all typed in. So you can probably guess it’s not one of those “cerebral” ones. You know, like the ones I never write.

Copyright anonymous, submitted by Courtney Wright


“Wow. Sure they’re Chaeron’s boots?”

“Verily. They were still smoking when I arrived.”

“You think Zeus finally zapped him for his blasphemy?”

“Maybe. Wait though, who’s this? Hey, it’s Chaeron!”

“It worked! My teleporter! It worked! It zapped me clear over the other side of the village! Left my boots behind. Needs a little adjustment.”

“Yeah, Chaeron. Sure it did. C’mon, Callinus, let’s go.”

“No, wait, it did work! I am all powerful! More powerful than even feeble Zeus! The gods will tremble…”

Zap! Bang! Fizz!

“What was that flash of light?”

“Dunno. Can you smell barbecue? I smell barbecue.”


Pegman – A Wales by Any Other Name

May 14, 2018 28 comments

Here is my post for What Pegman Saw. This week Pegman is in Gwynedd, Wales. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve contributed 😦

The photo I chose is of the Cross Foxes Inn where I stayed a few years ago on a little holiday. My story is more inspired by Wales than in Wales, and I’ve popped a couple of photos at the end which I took while I was there.

Copyright Google


“At last week’s product meeting we tasked Barry to give us all his view on the market in Wales. Barry?”

“Thank you Alyssa. Ahem. Whales. Monsters of the sea. Grand, majestic…”

“Uh, Barry…”

“… blubber for oil, bone for corsets…”

“Barry, stop! Not only are you horribly out of date but we need your product evaluation for Wales, not whales. Next week?”

“Okay, sorry.”

Next week…

“Okay folks, sorry about last week. Barry, if you will?”

“Thank you. Ahem. Wails. Screams. Screeches. The banshee’s call of dooooom. A weapon of awesome power, to monetise as we see fit…”

“BARRY! Wales. The country.”

“Oh, shit. Sorry everyone. Next week, I promise. A fully comprehensive breakdown of product opportunities in Wales. The country.”

Next week…

“Wales. Damn pretty. Hills, rivers, forests. Nothing we can sell them. They have it all. Luvvvvly.”

“Barry? You’re right. And you’re fired.”


Waterfall in Wales

A waterfall in Coed y Brenin forest park, Wales

Coed y Brenin

Copyright me