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A Brand to be Proud Of

July 14, 2013 35 comments

This week’s Prompts for the Promptless asked us about brands – not the type they use on cattle, the type we use to identify oneself or one’s product.


We’ve all seen them. It’s a brand synonymous with integrity, quality and value for money.

That is how I see DraliDoodles in the coming years. In order to promote this, I have fashioned a logo.

DraliDoodles Logo

As you can see, I’ve pulled out all the stops on this one, as it has to be as professional as possible! I suppose it could have been in colour, but I have no coloured pens. Once DraliDoodles takes off, I’ll get a small business loan and invest in some. Or maybe I’ll tap my investors.

Can anyone see what’s missing from my logo?

“A graphic designer with actual talent?”

Who said that? No, I need a strapline (that’s “tagline” if you’re in the US).

To that end, I’ve thought up a few to try:

  • Quality. Integrity. Professionalism. Cheap.
  • You know it makes sense! (Possibly that one’s taken.)
  • When there’s no-one else, call us!
  • Because one day we’ll be famous
  • We doodle because we care

Which do you think I should use? I think you’ll agree, they’re all pretty awesome.

And don’t worry, when I’m rich and famous and living on my own island, I’ll continue to post DraliDoodles here on my blog!

I’ll encrust them with real gold, though. Because I can.