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An Ill-Timed Joke

November 7, 2013 38 comments

It’s time for Friday Fictioneers again! As always it’s hosted by Rochelle, and our task is to write roughly 100 words on a photo prompt, which this week has been supplied by Al Forbes.

I had major word limit problems with this one (plus a lack of ideas, if I’m honest) – hopefully it still makes some sense! It was going to be all dark and spooky (whooo!) but it turned out, well, neither dark nor spooky.

You can read the other entries here – it’s updated all the way through to Tuesday as new posts are added so be sure to check back. You could even have a go yourself!


Copyright Al Forbes

The head gazed out over Athens.

Aethon gazed out from the head. He’d been stuck in that damn head for aeons.

He’d been joking about how Hermes was the “errand boy” of the gods. How, when in important conference, Hermes was the one they sent out for baked pita with extra feta and a side of olives (hold the anchovies).

How was he to know Hermes was two tables over, drinking with Dionysus?

Gods can’t take a joke.

Once he’d adorned Hermes’ greatest temple. Now he adorned the “Parthenon View” guest house.

Aethon almost smiled. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.