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Backwards Day! – COW 2023

April 1, 2023 19 comments

Here is my entry for Evil Squirrel’s Contest Of Whatever 2023! The theme this year is (drum roll) “November 31st”!

I couldn’t bring any of my initial duff ideas to fruition so I fell back on writing a poem. Yes, a poem!

I know, right?

A warning to anyone who doesn’t read Evil Squirrel’s Nest (and if not, why not?) – this is very specific to the critters who infest the Nest. But you can always critique me on my dodgy rhyming and shitty scanning.

A poem for COW 2023

A quite tricky day, that none can remember,
Today is quite odd, 31st of November!

Here come the critters, but everything’s changed,
They’re all topsy-turvey, psyches rearranged.

First up is Mitzi, they say quite a bimbo,
But here she comes trotting, her hooves NOT akimbo!

Next up is Zeeba, but wait – is this real?
No blood can I see, she’s become quite gentile!

And here is the Pres, he’s arrogant, the Boss,
But look here today, he’s quite at a loss!

It’s just past 4:20 and now here comes Fuzzy,
He’s not stoned at all, his head clear, not muzzy!

And Snuggle and Big Scrat, they do love to hate,
But just for today they’ve become best of mates!

And finally Buster, a tear in his eye,
He’s made it right through, and hasn’t yet died!

I’ll leave you now reader, doubtless wanting more,
Because very soon all will be as before,
The critters will be back, but just as they were,
That is, until next we see 31 November.

Happiness – a nonet

June 8, 2013 13 comments

Here it is, as promised – a happy poem! And a nonet, no less.

Happiness – this was a real stretch for me. Reaching outside of my limits. Absolutely nothing in this poem dies horribly, gets cut down or meets an untimely end – guaranteed!

And I couldn’t even find a picture of sparrows (with a redistribution licence).

Not a sparrow

This is not a sparrow.

Picture credit: JJ Harrison Creative Commons licence. Any reproduction (or redistribution in its altered state, i.e. with my poem attached) must reference the licensor or author.

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A Poem Poem

April 17, 2013 5 comments

Having read this over I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. But I’m going to hit “Publish” anyway!
Just a bit of fun 🙂

There’s one thing I can’t do
And that thing’s a poem
There’s them say I’m rubbish
So I thought “I’ll show ’em”!

There’s long poems, short poems
All different sorts
Some of them quite profound
Others mean nought.

There’s some lines that rhyme
And there’s others that don’t
Some lines are couplets
And sometimes they float.

A haiku’s a poem
That comes from Japan.
It’s carefully structured
I’m quite a big fan!

Ideas in words
Structured in punctuation
Mind blowing colour.

So come on you writers
And give it a go!
You might be quite good
You just never know.

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