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Six on the Sixth – May

May 16, 2014 18 comments

It’s not the sixth, but this challenge is open all month! Yay!

Adam Ickes provides six prompt words and the goal is to write little six word “stories”. We don’t need to use all the prompt words.

I’ve actually done two this month because in the first one I’ve stretched the rules to breaking point. I’ve used the six words but not in six sentences as such. However, I’ve broken it into six lines of six words each. My second offering is more in keeping with the rules, I think.

To read other people’s submissions, click on Bracken (the little blue froggy). I named him during Friday Fictioneers yesterday and I’m hoping it will catch on, as little blue froggy works so hard to link up our stories and he deserves a name.

The six prompt words Adam has suggested for this month are:



Rainbows danced crazily through his head.
He drank deeply from his flask,
fuelling the war raging within him.
A tiny part of him asked
Am I going insane? The answer,
“Course not, I’m in the pink!”

Okay, the last line was a bit rubbish, but what am I supposed to do with “pink”?

Beautiful bands of crazily coruscating colour.

Chicken soup, still warm, sustained him.

Tinker tailor soldier sailor. All dead.

Man mountain. Friends called him Tiny.

Wibble wibble hatstand flying cows ptang!

Noooo! My best shirt! Laundry accident.

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Six on the Sixth – April

April 12, 2014 14 comments

Not content with trying to cram a whole story into 100 words, I’ve decided to have a go at Adam Ickes’ “Six on the Sixth” prompt. The idea is to write between one and ten six word stories. Adam provides prompt words, which we don’t need to use – it’s all quite flexible really.

It’s six words on the sixth of the month – and it’s the twelfth today! Will the madness never end? If it’s the twelfth, do I get twelve words? Just checking… no, apparently I don’t.

There is a link-up so you can read all the other contributions – just click on the little blue froggy below. It’s amazing what people manage to fit into just six words!

For my first go I’ve decided to use each of the six prompt words as themes for my stories. Here goes!

Picnic’s promise stolen by Heaven’s tears.

Blindfold damp with tears. “Ready, aim…”

A careless step. Toe meets wall.

Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla (with sprinkles).

Head to toe, the tattooed man.

Blue and red – a winning combination!