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Sunday Stills – Looking Through Windows

July 25, 2014 8 comments

Sunday Stills this week, hosted by Ed, is entitled “Lookin’ Through Windows”. We’re asked to post a photo looking out through a window but the frame has to be in the photo.

I decided to take a couple of pictures looking out through the windows of my little house.


Looking out my bedroom window, at the front of the house. It’s next door that’s for sale, not me! That’s the path I walk down on my way to the fish and chip van for my Friday tea.


Here’s a view of a little piece of my back garden, viewed through the bathroom window. That bit of fence with the honeysuckle (?) is the end of my tiny garden.



Half an hour later I arrived at work, first one in. Here’s a picture of my little Fiesta, all alone in the car park, taken through an office window.

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Sunday Stills – Power Lines

July 5, 2014 11 comments

I was reading one of Cee’s posts and that put me onto a photography challenge, for which I have the perfect photo! I actually published it a couple of weeks ago as part of a set of photos I took while on a walk from my house to the next village.

This week’s topic is “power lines” and is part of Sunday Stills. I took the photo because I thought the power lines looked quite cool from down on the road. You can just make out the warning triangle at the bottom of the pole, telling people to stay clear – “danger of death”!

Hedgerow 4