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Goodbye Summer

August 22, 2014 36 comments

Remind me. Here in the Northern Hemisphere it is summer, isn’t it?

Where, then, did it go? Here’s a couple of snaps I took before and after my commute to work a couple of days ago, as proof of the most un-Summer-like temperature.

Here’s the temperature my car reckons it was before my morning commute. I’m inclined to believe it, it was pretty cold. The temperature’s at the top in the middle!


Here’s the time when I arrived at work (top right).


And here’s the temperature. It hasn’t warmed up much 😦


Brr. Please may we have our summer back?

The Best Medicine – Never Happy

July 10, 2013 18 comments

Weekly Writing Challenge: The Best Medicine – This week, write about whatever topic you’d like, but go for laughs.

Write about whatever I want? I can do that! No bother. Not a problem.

Wait a sec though – “go for laughs”? Well, there’s the rub. Humour is so subjective, and I’m not the funniest fella at the best of times. Tell you what, I’ll shoot for “mildly witty” and we’ll see where we end up.

The title of this post – “Never Happy” – is perhaps not a promising start. I don’t know about you, but to me that doesn’t scream “side-splittingly riotously hilarious” (try saying that three times fast). It sounds more like I’m going to have a rant, or maybe I’m going to wax lyrical about something that’s really getting me down.

So what, I hear you ask, am I going to complain about? I’ll give you a clue – I’m British.

That’s right! It’s the weather. That’s not what you guessed? Pretend you did! I’ll never know.

I’ve complained about the weather before (British, remember?). It’s too cold. It’s icy. It’s too windy. It won’t stop raining. Here’s a new one for you – it’s too hot!

Never Happy

“Never Happy” by DraliDoodles (TM)

Let’s take a quick Haiku-break.

Hostile sun blazing fire
Melting roads and hearts and minds
Air con broken

Hope you enjoyed it.

As I drove home this evening the thermometer informed me that it was 26 degrees C. I’ve just used the marvel which is Google and it informs me that this equals 78.8 Fahrenheit! I know what some of you are thinking. “That’s not very hot!” Well, it is to me. It appears that “too hot” is as subjective as humour.

My office is eco-friendly. We don’t have that planet-destroying toxic chemical-fuelled air con. Oh no! We have some sort of “comfort cooling” air recycling system. Today it managed to get the temperature to a not-so-comfortable 28 degrees C. Way to go, eco-friendly comfort cooling air con.

I didn’t wear shorts, but I did break out my trousers with the detachable legs. Detachable legs! What’ll they think of next? I was going to post a picture of me wearing the trousers with one leg removed so you could see the flexibility, but I thought that some of you might be reading this while eating dinner. I worried that the sight of my pasty-white leg might cause a case of the “tummy upsets”. So, no picture.

I also looked in my drawers for a light-weight T-shirt. It’s been so long since I’ve needed a light-weight T-shirt that it had mould on it from sitting in the drawer for years.


And to add very serious insult to injury, it was my Red Dwarf T-shirt!

Mouldy T-Shirt

My poor mouldy T-shirt – please be OK!

I do hope the washing machine can work its magic.

It looks like I’m Never Happy.

Very sad.

False memories?

August 21, 2011 2 comments

Memories. They’re funny things.

Generally rock solid just after the fact, but they tend to change over time. Eventually they can become less a memory, more a fantasy. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve re-read a book after several years, only to find that I’ve vastly exaggerated the ending in my own head. The same goes for films.

Then there’s old TV series. When I watch them now, they’re not nearly as good as I remember. But then, I’m basing them on a child’s memories.

So now I have to wonder about the weather. I’m firmly convinced that “summers were better when I was a kid”. Of course, being able to constantly moan that the past was better is one of the cool things about getting older. But is it true about the weather? Sure, 1976 was an amazing summer. It was a drought, with associated hosepipe bans and whatnot, but all I remember is fun summer days. Was it always great in August or was is usually like it is now? 20 degrees, raining, occasionally we see the sun. People are wearing coats. Last week it got warm and my flat and I opened a window, wondering what was going on. Then I realised that it’s mid-August – isn’t it supposed to be like this?

I think it did used to be better. But that’s only what I remember.