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Sounds wrong, tastes great!

Ah, lovely!

This is my tribute to the spread known as Marmite…

“You love it or hate it”. That’s been the crux of the advertising campaign for Marmite for a good while. In case you’re not familiar with this wonderful spread (clearly I’m in the “love it” camp), it’s basically yeast extract with added vitamins and minerals. And it’s brown. Doesn’t sounds very appetising, does it? Well, I find it delicious.

Marmite saw me through university, and is one of my staples even today (spot the bachelor). Years ago I discovered that cheese and Marmite sandwiches were really great, although the combination doesn’t immediately present itself as the best of ideas (although Marmite is marketed in combination with a number of foodstuffs). The solidness of the cheese plus the tang of the Marmite – lovely!

It’s not for everyone. The “love it or hate it” advertising campaign is bang on. Marmite has such a strong taste, there really isn’t a halfway position. Years ago, when I was living in Stuttgart, we managed to get hold of some. There was an “English shop” on the other side of the city – it was run by an English couple who imported such delicacies as Prawn Cocktail flavour crisps and, yes, Marmite. We gave some to a German friend, who, seeing its brown colour, leapt to the immediate conclusion that it must be chocolate and dove straight in. What a baby! Screaming, cursing, clawing at his mouth. He came down on the “hate it” side.

If you’re on the “love it” side of the fence, I’ve discovered a new variation for my sandwiches. Four words – egg mayonnaise sandwich filler. There’s something about the solidness of the cheese, the tang of the Marmite and the, well, the “egginess” of the egg which just – works. I suggested it to fellow Marmite and cheese lovers and they turned up their noses, but promised to try it. We’ll see, but to my palate – lovely!

Cheese, Marmite and egg mayonnaise – sounds gross, tastes great!

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