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Sharing My World 22-08-2022

Here is my post for Share Your World, hosted by Di.

Do you have family photographs on display in your main living room?
Yes. They’re not of my family though 😉 Don’t worry, nothing weird, it’s my godson and his siblings.

What was the best vehicle you owned? This could be a pushbike as a kid, your first car, a motor cycle, or something else.
My current car, which arrived a couple of months ago. It’s my fourth Fiesta ST. They keep adding more tech and making them more comfortable as technology improves. This one has a digital dashboard!

Did you pass your driving test first time?
Nope. Second time 🙂

Does loud music from a neighbour or passing cars annoy you?
Ha. Don’t even get me started.

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  1. August 28, 2022 at 10:44 am

    I totally get the best vehicle answer!


    • August 29, 2022 at 5:37 am

      Nostalgia for one’s “first car” is all very well, but give me climate control and rear parking sensors any day 🙂

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  2. August 28, 2022 at 11:55 am

    Ooo…new car? What color?


    • August 29, 2022 at 5:40 am

      It’s black. The previous generation of Fiestas had a lovely deep blue, but they ditched that and I don’t really like any of the current colours. Due to the chip shortage, it took 13 months from order to delivery!


  3. August 28, 2022 at 1:36 pm

    If I had photos of people in my house, I’d just keep the pic that came with the frame. There’s nothing wrong with having photos of random strangers on your wall…


    • August 29, 2022 at 5:40 am

      They’re usually nicer to look at than one’s own family…


  4. August 28, 2022 at 3:47 pm

    Seems like a lot of people think that the loud music/barking/etc stops at the property line or car window.


  5. September 1, 2022 at 7:59 am

    That car is spot on, Draliman😸 Don’t forget to wear ear mufflers from all the noise…and the driving disco’s🙉Extra silent Pawkisses from heaven🐾😽✨


    • September 1, 2022 at 1:46 pm

      It’s okay, I can’t hear the engine noise above the music 🙂


  6. September 1, 2022 at 3:20 pm

    I think it’s spooky when people have their own photographs on display…all over the house.


    • September 2, 2022 at 5:52 am

      Heh 🙂 Some people do go over the top.

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      • September 2, 2022 at 6:21 am

        I know such people. I don’t know what it’s like to be them, maybe it just feels good to be home, that is surrounded by themselves. One thing is sure, I avoid such homes…and people. They make me feel awkward.

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  7. September 5, 2022 at 2:39 pm

    A Fiesta ST looks very much like my Ford Escape. I like that the Fiesta only has two doors. Not many cars in the States have just two doors-unless it’s a sportscar.


    • September 6, 2022 at 6:25 am

      Apparently this is the last Fiesta with two doors. Which will be a bit odd as it is a sports car, not sure I want more doors.


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