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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

May 5, 2014 28 comments

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is all about Spring. Not the boingy kind, but the season.

I have some flowers coming up in my garden. It’s quite exciting – I only bought the house a couple of months ago so I didn’t plant them and I don’t know what’s going to appear next!

Here is a picture of bluebells, according to my parents. I admit that they are bell-shaped, though more purple than blue, I would say. They also reckon that the little white flowers are garlic. Possibly the previous owner was worried about vampires.

Obviously I have some weed-removal yet to do, but I had to check with my parents first as I tend to remove the flowers and leave the weeds, left to my own devices.

garden bluebells

Bluebells and weeds and stuff

bluebells closeup

Close-up of the bluebells

I have no idea of what these things on the stalks on the right of the picture are.

little white things on stalks

Little white things on stalks