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A Riot of Colour in the Draligarden!

June 22, 2014 20 comments

I’ve been out and about in my tiny front and back gardens with my camera phone again, and have discovered a riot of colour! As usual, I don’t know the names of any of them.

I have arranged it to open the photos in a new window or tab when clicked (depending on your browser setup). They look even better when bigger!

Here are some pretty violet things. They're everywhere!

Here are some pretty violet things. They’re everywhere!

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Update from the DraliGarden

May 27, 2014 26 comments

The bluebells have gone away for this year 😦 but some more random flowers have arrived!

It turns out the pot in the back didn’t have daffodils in after all.

White flower

Unknown white flower

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

May 5, 2014 28 comments

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is all about Spring. Not the boingy kind, but the season.

I have some flowers coming up in my garden. It’s quite exciting – I only bought the house a couple of months ago so I didn’t plant them and I don’t know what’s going to appear next!

Here is a picture of bluebells, according to my parents. I admit that they are bell-shaped, though more purple than blue, I would say. They also reckon that the little white flowers are garlic. Possibly the previous owner was worried about vampires.

Obviously I have some weed-removal yet to do, but I had to check with my parents first as I tend to remove the flowers and leave the weeds, left to my own devices.

garden bluebells

Bluebells and weeds and stuff

bluebells closeup

Close-up of the bluebells

I have no idea of what these things on the stalks on the right of the picture are.

little white things on stalks

Little white things on stalks