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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

May 5, 2014 28 comments

This week’s Daily Post photo challenge is all about Spring. Not the boingy kind, but the season.

I have some flowers coming up in my garden. It’s quite exciting – I only bought the house a couple of months ago so I didn’t plant them and I don’t know what’s going to appear next!

Here is a picture of bluebells, according to my parents. I admit that they are bell-shaped, though more purple than blue, I would say. They also reckon that the little white flowers are garlic. Possibly the previous owner was worried about vampires.

Obviously I have some weed-removal yet to do, but I had to check with my parents first as I tend to remove the flowers and leave the weeds, left to my own devices.

garden bluebells

Bluebells and weeds and stuff

bluebells closeup

Close-up of the bluebells

I have no idea of what these things on the stalks on the right of the picture are.

little white things on stalks

Little white things on stalks

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

March 29, 2014 29 comments

Here are some photos for this week’s photo challenge, which asks us to show some aspect of street life. I usually find old photos which are relevant to the prompt, but I was in town this morning and took these specially for the occasion!

Every Saturday there is a little market in my local city of Truro. There is locally-caught fish, meats, flowers, crafts and even an olive stall! I was going to buy flowers for Mother’s Day tomorrow but I ended up buying them in the supermarket instead.

A teeming metropolis of twenty thousand or so people, Truro is the only city in Cornwall. Today was cold and raining 😦 . These were taken at around 9 am this morning using my phone.





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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

March 16, 2014 31 comments

This week’s Photo Challenge from The Daily Post wants a photo which says “Inside”. I have two photos which show inside and outside!

When it’s a bit chilly outside (even though the sun has come out)…

Piazza, Truro

Truro, Cornwall one early chilly but sunny Saturday morning

… it’s nice to snug up nice and warm in the living room of my new house with the gas fire on (and watch Dr Who).


Inside the sitting room in my new house

Double flash reflection and a finger in the way! I am such the photographic professional 🙂 .

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

September 1, 2013 10 comments

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea share a photo which means SEA to you.

The sea – wild, vast, untameable.

Perranporth, Cornwall

Perranporth, Cornwall, UK

Extending along the cliffs and to the horizon.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Carefree

August 17, 2013 33 comments

Weekly Photo ChallengeCarefree

Coed y Brenin

On a recent holiday to Wales I visited Coed y Brenin forest park. After walking for a while I sat under the tree you can see on the far left of the photo.

For the first time in years my mind just emptied as I watched the water flow past – for the first time in years I felt completely carefree.

Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour

July 13, 2013 18 comments

Evening in Falmouth

This was taken while at my company’s summer party in Falmouth, Cornwall (UK). The sun has gone down behind the hotel leaving the grounds in darkness but it is still illuminating the headland, upon which you can see Pendennis Castle, which was built in 1539 by Henry VIII (though I doubt he actually did any of the heavy lifting himself!).

I didn’t have my camera with me so I took this with my phone, and then zoomed and cropped it a bit when I got home.

This is my contribution to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge – The Golden Hour.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

July 6, 2013 31 comments

Simpler Times

I don’t remember these photos being taken as such, I was too young (I’m the one on the left in both photos). The other chap is my little brother. I remember the setting on the right – outside our old house in Carnon Downs, Cornwall, where I spent the first 5 years of my life. These were taken in the early 1970s.

me and my brother

The little wooden fort below was made for us by our Dad – in the 70s you didn’t just nip out to the shops for new toys. Your dad would disappear into the garage or shed and emerge a couple of days later with a cool new fort! The drawbridge even went up and down (counterbalanced by a cotton reel my mum had finished with). We got years of use out of this fort. Again, I’m on the left, my brother is on the right.

Don’t I look smart in the photo on the right, ready to start “big” school aged 12?

Fort and school

This was posted in response to the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – nostalgic.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – The World Through Your Eyes

June 24, 2013 12 comments

Here is my first ever try at the weekly photo challenge!

Dolwyddelan Castle

Photo taken through an arrow slit at Dolwyddelan Castle, North Wales.

Imagine an archer, arrow nocked in his bow, peering out over the Welsh countryside searching for any sign of the Norman invaders…

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