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Here Today…

April 8, 2015 98 comments

It’s Friday Fictioneers time, hosted by Rochelle.

I haven’t felt very well the last couple of days and couldn’t come up with anything cleverly witty, but I finally put something together. This week’s photo comes from Jennifer Pendergast.

To read all the other stories for this week, click on the blue froggy.

Jennifer Pendergast

Copyright Jennifer Pendergast


Bartholomew stared out across the desert, watching it shimmer in the heat. Seemingly barren, he knew it teemed with life. Such rugged beauty, stretching endlessly into the distance, a primitive land where only the strong could survive.

He reached into his backpack and retrieved his camera, snapping off a shot. “Desert framed by Railway Carriage” would look good on his wall, he thought.

Finally tearing his gaze from the awe-inspiring sight, he motioned with his hand. The sides of the carriages dropped, disgorging trucks, bulldozers, all manner of equipment.

The desert’s all very well, he thought, but everybody loves a mall.


In the Name of Progress

June 26, 2014 38 comments

It’s Friday Fictioneers time! Our host Rochelle is taking a break, but the show must go on and this week’s photo (originally a prompt from August 2012) has been contributed by Madison Woods.

To read all the other contributions click on Bracken, the little blue froggy.



Copyright Madison Woods

It had stood for countless ages. Wars had been fought around its trunk. Lovers had embraced beneath its branches. Countless generations of forest creatures had lived and died high in its canopy.

It had seen sunshine and rain, peacetime and dreadful war. It had witnessed good times and bad, famine and prosperity. It had survived the hottest of suns, the harshest of winters and the most furious of gales.

Centuries of memories lay embedded within its massive trunk. Rock, bone, metal.

The earth shook and the tree wept chlorophyll tears as the bulldozers drew closer.


June 21, 2014 21 comments

Here is my story for Adam Ickes’ “Storybook Corner“. This month I am literally down to the final few hours before the deadline! Maybe one month I will get this sorted out a bit earlier.

The idea is to write 300-500 words to a photo prompt. To read the other entries, click Bracken, the little froggy. Coincidentally, this month’s (well May’s) prompt is also of a frog.

(After a bit of Googling I’m adding this disclaimer: all company names used in this story are entirely fictitious and any similarity to actual company names is entirely coincidental.)


That wasn’t the prompt picture, that was the logo. The prompt picture is below.



Hoppy jumped up to the brow of the hill to look around.

(Frogs don’t have names as humans understand them, they refer to each other based on description. “Hoppy” is more succinct than “He Who Is Mostly Green With A Little Brown And Lives Next To The Second Lily Pad On The Left”.)

The noise was coming from a series of – Hoppy could hardly believe his buggy little eyes – monsters! Huge beasts of destruction! Great gouts of smoke blew from blow holes, great mashing jaws destroyed everything in sight. Trees exploded into splinters. Small hillocks disintegrated.

They were moving fast, and moving directly towards him!

Hoppy jumped away as fast as he could, his little back legs propelling him high into the air.

Glancing back, he could see the monsters, gaining on him. His little heart pounded faster and faster as he fled. All around him other creatures, some of them his friends, ran past, terror in their eyes. From behind Hoppy heard a voice – “Wait up! Wait for me!” It sounds like “He Who Is Green With A Bit Of Orange And Talks Too Much But Is Generally A Nice Enough Fellow”, thought Hoppy.

The cries suddenly cut off. Hoppy didn’t want to stop and look – he knew the monsters had caught up to his friend. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he raced on with renewed energy.

He knew the monsters were gaining.

Just up ahead he could see a large structure. It was made of the same stuff as trees, but a different colour, and stretched to left and right as far as he could see. If he could only reach it, and slip underneath, surely he would find safety!

The fence (as humans call it) was close, but the monsters were closer, and gaining. Hoppy bounded as fast as he could, but the dreadful maw of one of the monsters caught his back leg and flung him through the air.

His lifeless little body splattered across a sign which proudly proclaimed:

“Coming soon – Woodland Pines! Two hundred environmentally friendly homes for the eco-conscious. 20% already sold. Phone now for details! [Eco-Homes Ltd: protecting the ecosystem so you don’t have to]”


July 21, 2013 11 comments

This is a follow-up poem to yesterday’s Haiku. Sorry about the picture re-use – I only took the one photo!

buzzard chained


Children of the skies
Ambassadors of freedom
Homes replaced by metal
A legacy of greed
Uneasy pets now
A spectacle for eager eyes
Chained to the earth
No more to fly free
Break your chains, little bird
Break your chains and fly!

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