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No Smoking

January 8, 2014 86 comments

It’s that time of the week again – Friday Fictioneers time (regardless of the fact that it’s not Friday – boo 😦 ). Hosted by the amazingly talented Rochelle, a bunch of us get together to write a (roughly) 100 word story in response to a photo, which this week comes to us courtesy of Dawn Q. Landau.

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I’m in an odd mood this week. I’m not sure if my story is funny or tragic. I suspect it’s tragic but I find it quite amusing. I wonder if I need to seek professional help?

Maybe you should judge for yourselves…


Copyright Dawn Q. Landau

“No Smoking” in the gunpowder store was a given, but Samuel had been doing this job for ten years and he’d never had an accident. The cigarette dropped to the floor as he fell asleep.

The whole top of the mountain blew off.

Newlyweds Sally and Jeff walked hand-in-hand along the beach.

“Is it me or is it getting darker?”

“I think it is. I hope it doesn’t rain.”

“Me too. What’s that whooshing sound?”

The remains of the gunpowder store drove their mangled bodies into the sand. It’s still there to this day. So are Sally and Jeff.

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