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Baby Steps

May 8, 2014 72 comments

It’s time for my Friday Fictioneers entry once again!

Friday Fictioneers involves writing a roughly 100 word story in response to a photo prompt, which this week has been provided by B. W. Beacham. It is hosted as always by the lovely and talented Rochelle.

You can read all the other contributions by clicking or tapping the little blue froggy (before you tap, ensure you have a touch screen, otherwise click 🙂 ).


Copyright B. W. Beacham

Little Mikey reached past the detritus in the lake and fished out another trout. He watched it struggle for a while, then carefully taped its gills shut. He replaced it in the water and watched avidly until it stopped moving. Smiling, he placed it carefully next to his previous experiments.

“Still with the fish. At his age I’d already decimated the neighbourhood pet population and was ready to start on the neighbours,” said Meg, sitting nearby with her husband.

“Let him progress at his own rate,” replied Clive. “We’ll find him a cat for his birthday. Baby steps, love. Baby steps.”