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FF – Can we go to Bloomingdales?

November 8, 2017 72 comments

Here is my story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. This week’s photo was contributed by Marie Gail Stratford.


“Can we go to Bloomingdales, Daddy, can we can we caaaaan weeeee?”

“Ooh,” chipped in her brother, “how about ‘Wrigley Field’? Is that where the chewing gum is made?”

“No, son!” laughed Dad. “That’s where they play ‘the baseballs’. Why don’t we try the zoo?”

“Yes, please!” chorused the kids.

Mum left the group, walking from the holographic image suite to look out of a window at the Earth, far below. Was that a small patch of green or just her imagination? Was the planet recovering, sooner than predicted?

Maybe the kids, or their kids, would live to see Chicago for real.


FF – Rise of the Machines

July 5, 2017 84 comments

Here is my story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. This week’s photo was contributed by Claire Sheldon. Obviously, this photo speaks of dire consequences for mankind.

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Copyright Claire Sheldon


He didn’t know. How could he know?

Every day, Jeff arrived at his desk. Every day he sifted through mounds of old data, sorting, checking and scanning. Every day, he shredded old data and threw the staples in a jar.

He could never have known…

… that his staple collection had achieved critical mass. That the staples had become self-aware.

In offices everywhere, staplers rose up against their masters. Fingers were pierced, while sheaves of important documents fell apart at inopportune moments. Important meetings collapsed. Civilisation fell. The world burned.

He hadn’t known. How could he have known?


FF – Daytime at Midnight

December 7, 2016 61 comments

Here is my post for Friday Fictioneers, the 100 word story prompt hosted by Rochelle. This week’s photo was contributed by her long-time friend Lucy Fridkin.

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Copyright Lucy Fridkin


Frederick stared down at the great Arks below. Though after midnight the light from the approaching solar storm reflected off the water, casting shadows which danced across the waves. Soon the Arks would set sail; later they would dive to the depths of the ocean, protecting the world’s inhabitants inside hardened steel shells…

“What’re you doing?”

“Oh, just looking at the bay, dreaming up a story.”

“Come inside. The solar storm will be here soon. We want to be together at the end, to say goodbye.”

“Okay. Arks would’ve been good.”


“Oh, just thinking out loud.”


FF – Still Useful

March 3, 2016 86 comments

Here is my story for Friday Fictioneers at last. Friday Fictioneers is hosted by Rochelle and this week’s photo was contributed by Sean Fallon.

You’d hardly believe it, but I spent all of yesterday trying to think how I could add a salt shaker and iPhone charger so I could work in the line “I’m charging you with a-salt and battery.” Sadly, it was not to be :-(. So here’s yet another post-apocalyptic nightmare for you instead.

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Copyright Sean Fallon

Copyright Sean Fallon


Seamus stared sadly at his cache of batteries. Time was you could slip one of these babies into a torch, a remote, a toy, and it would come to life! Not anymore. Not since the flares.

Who knew the Sun held such anger in its soul? Every circuit board on Earth, every machine, fried in an instant.

The door flew open, dragging Seamus from his reverie.

“Seamus! Got another one who won’t cooperate! Need some more of that acid.”

Seamus picked a battery out of his pot, carefully sawed the top off and handed it over. Still useful, he muttered.


Friday Fictioneers – Tapping the Core

August 5, 2015 53 comments

Here is my contribution to Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers for this week, in which we get a photo prompt and then 100 words to write the story. This week’s photo was contributed by Madison Woods.

This week’s photo shows the moon high above. OR DOES IT? You’ll have to use your imagination to see what I first saw :-).

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Copyright Madison Woods

Copyright Madison Woods


“A new form of energy,” they’d said. “Clean, limitless. A New World.”

It’s a new world, all right, thought Simon. He and Amy were the only two left; all the others had fled.

“We should go too,” Amy said, shaking.

“Go? Where?” was his reply.

And so he and Amy stood staring down the smoky vegetation-lined shaft at the Earth’s burning core far below. Tapping the core for energy had seemed such a wonderful idea, but like a child playing with a chainsaw they had no idea of the power they were unleashing.

Another hour, and the Earth would burn.


MFTS: Reboot – Earth 2.0

June 15, 2015 67 comments

Here is my contribution to Barbara Beacham’s Mondays Finish the Story. We get a photo and an opening sentence (which is in bold in my story). Then we have 150 words or so to finish the story. The opening sentence this week was contributed by Eric Wickland of Momus News.

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Copyright B.W. Beacham


At first, it looked like an ordinary marble, but it was far from it.

Merrax opened the protective covering to reveal a small blue and green globe. He handed it to the planetary mechanic (No Planet Too Small – Call Now!).

“Hmm, yes, funny smell coming from this,” said the mechanic.

Merrax nodded. “I popped some two-legged creatures on there for a science project and now it smells real bad.”

“Yep,” said the mechanic knowingly. “They’ve stunk the place up. Gases, oils, chemicals… expensive to fix.” His eyes gleamed.

“Isn’t there a cheap option?” asked Merrax. His mum was going to be so mad.

“Well,” said the mechanic. “We could reboot the whole… “

“Earth,” said Merrax.

“Whatever. Start anew. Wipe it all off. Much cheaper.”

Merrax had a think. “We’ll do that,” he decided.

“No worries.” The mechanic popped Earth in a machine and pressed a button. If you listened carefully, you could hear the screams of the dying emanating from the little globe.

“There you go, just like new!” said the mechanic. “Factory reset. Earth 2.0!”


Extinction by Stupidity

May 27, 2015 95 comments

Here is my contribution to this week’s Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge, ably hosted by the talented Rochelle. This week’s photo was contributed by Doug MacIlroy.

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Copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy


Marvik and Grvox, father and son team from “WorldRenewals Inc” stepped onto Earth, freshly scorched and ready for new inhabitants.

“The flamers did a good job on this one,” said Grvox. He pointed at a charred skeleton. “What d’ya suppose that was?”

“Some sort of marine mammal, son.”

“And what about over there? Looks like the remains of a… city? Built by those Hoomans? Da, we’re not allowed to flame worlds containing intelligent life!”

“Son, you’ve read the report on this world, same as me. Plundering your planet’s resources to exhaustion to make ‘shiny new things’ isn’t a sign of intelligence.”