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CWG Week 3 Episode 15

January 12, 2014 15 comments

Welcome to the the Chain Writing Game Week 3, hosted by Kerrie Ann Salsac. This week’s story is called “A Bloody Monday Morning”. Here is my third and final contribution!


Jenna lay on the grass, trembling. All around her stood the wolves, along with the strange man – wolf? – who had introduced himself as “In’ang’to”.

“What… what’s happening…I don’t understand…” she managed.

“Do not fear, sister. You are dazed – a side effect of your transportation here. You will remember in time.” He held out his hand.

Jenna took it hesitantly. What the hell was going on here?

“We will take you to a place of safety. Come.”

“Safety” – that word burned into her mind and she nodded.

“What about me?” called Jamie from the tree.

“Sorry!” called Jenna. “Survival, you know?”

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CWG Week 3 Episode 11

January 12, 2014 11 comments

Welcome to the the Chain Writing Game Week 3, hosted by Kerrie Ann Salsac. This week’s story is called “A Bloody Monday Morning”. Here is my second contribution!


“What’s that sound?” Jenna had stopped sobbing and was looking toward the back of the cave. It was a kind of scratching, skittering noise.

“I don’t know. This is new,” replied Jamie. “Maybe we should…” she continued, gesturing toward the cave mouth. Jenna stood and scurried over to her.

“Does it look to you like the cave floor is moving?” whispered Jenna.

“That’s not the floor! Run!”

The girls raced out of the cave into the teeth of the approaching storm. Behind them a wave of tiny creatures boiled from the cave.

Ahead of them, a twister began to form.

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CWG Week 3 Episode 5

January 11, 2014 18 comments

Welcome to the the Chain Writing Game Week 3, hosted by Kerrie Ann Salsac. This week’s story is called “A Bloody Monday Morning”.



Jenna looked at the new arrival.

“He? Who’s he? Where am I? What’s going…”

“Shush!” whispered the new arrival. “Time to talk later. We need to get out of the open.”

“But…” began Jenna, but the woman was already moving off. Jenna followed, picking at the sliver tattoo.

“Leave it alone!” snapped the woman, glancing back. “You don’t want to mess with that, trust me!”

But could Jenna trust this woman? She had no real choice, she guessed. At least she seemed to have an idea as to what was going on. Determining to keep her wits about her, she followed.

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Jorge’s Story

January 10, 2014 30 comments

Welcome to “Jorge’s Story”. Jorge was a character in our latest Chain Writing Game – “Have You Seen Helen?”, hosted by the talented Kerrie Ann Salsac with multiple authors taking part. You can read the whole story here and even download the compilation! Obviously there is some crossover with “Have You Seen Helen” – my thanks go to all the amazing authors who made this possible and to the following for contributing to the scenes containing Jorge which I have drawn upon (and plagiarised some of the dialogue):

Kerrie Ann Salsac

I got to wondering about Jorge. The last time we saw him, he’d been shot in the shoulder and had his shin shattered by a Harley motorbike.

Where did he come from? How did he get to this point? What happened to him? Is he really the unluckiest person alive? And most importantly, what is his pain threshold (pretty high as it turns out)?

This little story fills in the blanks. It’s not too gruesome, but small children should not read! It’s more a story of ever-increasing disasters and ridiculousness. I didn’t spend much time editing it, but it’s just a bit of fun 🙂 . Let the mayhem ensue!

Read more…

The Chain Writing Game Week 2 Episode 17

January 5, 2014 21 comments

Here is another instalment to Kerrie’s Chain Writing Game.


Have You Seen My Wife? – episode 17

The Harley roared to life, and Dennis heard raised voices behind him as he sped off. In his rear-view he could see a crowd of leather-clad bikers pouring out of the bar, heading toward their bikes.

A yell from Trixie pulled his attention back to the road in front of him. He was passing the alley and Jorge was stumbling out, one arm hanging uselessly, blood dripping onto the pavement. Dennis swerved, clipping Jorge’s leg, shattering his shin. Jorge went down.

As Dennis accelerated away, his rear-view revealed police cruisers appearing behind the bikers. He gritted his teeth and accelerated.

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Chain Writing Game Week 2 Episode 12

January 5, 2014 16 comments

Welcome to the the Chain Writing Game number 2, hosted by the lovely Kerrie Ann Salsac.

This week’s game is called “Have you Seen my Wife?”


Have You Seen My Wife – Episode 12

Back in the alley, Dennis took a drag on the cigarette.

“I’m just looking for my wife!” he gasped, and began coughing. Trixie looked at him critically and took the cigarette away from him.

“Hey! I was…” exclaimed Dennis, cutting himself off as a large blond-haired man appeared at the far end of the alley.

“Oy, Trixie’s my girl!” shouted the new arrival. “You want rough, you pay extra or I cut you!” He was wielding a wicked-looking knife.

“Jorge?” asked Dennis. Trixie nodded, her eyes widening as Dennis pointed the gun at Jorge.

“Freeze, pimp scum!” he yelled.

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Chain Writing Game Episode 28

January 1, 2014 13 comments

After a couple of hard days at work I finally have the chance to add my last instalment to Kerrie Salsac’s amazing and fun chain writing novelette!

To catch up with the story, take a look here!

I’m thinking Cindy needs a bit of a help here.


Back at the not-so-safe house, Cindy flicked “accept” on Mac’s phone, while thumbing down the volume and slipping it into her pocket. She needed to be heard without alerting Aadila, who still waved the gun threateningly at her. She could only hope that whoever was calling Mac was on her side.

“Like I said, Aadila, kill me and this ‘Signor Giuliani’ won’t be pleased.”

Moving to cradle Mac’s head, she felt the butt of the gun taped to his back, just below the nape of his neck.

Mac looked into Cindy’s eyes and nodded slightly. Her hand closed on the pistol’s grip.

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Chain Writing Episode 15

December 29, 2013 19 comments

Here is my next instalment for Kerrie Salsac’s excellent chain writing game.

A fairly obvious plot twist, but now it’s decision time for Cindy!

To catch up on the story so far, click here (I don’t know how to make the little froggie work 😦 ).


Cindy dropped onto the mossy ground outside the window and turned to help Aadila, who slipped, hitting the ground hard.

“What is it, are you alright?” whispered Cindy.

“My ankle,” sobbed Aadila.

“Probably just sprained. Can you walk? We must get away from here.”

Aadila stood painfully – she could walk, but Cindy realised she would need help.

“Lean on me,” she said and they headed away from the house.

A woman’s sob echoed from an upstairs window. Cindy looked askance at Aadila.

“There are others. But we must escape! Please, I cannot walk unaided!”

Cindy looked at Aadila, then back at the house.

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Chain-Writing-The Last Day-Episode-5

December 28, 2013 20 comments

Here is my addition to Kerrie Ann Salsac’s chain writing novel thingummy!

This is episode 5 – you will need to check out the rest of the story here to see what has happened so far!


Cindy considered her options. Miss her opportunity to leave quickly and quietly – Jemima could be back any second and she wouldn’t be alone. Or she could allow this handsome young man to drive her.

She’d always been told to be careful, but this young man, this Charles, seemed safe enough. She slipped into his shiny new BMW and as they peeled away, she laughed.

“I haven’t told you where I’m going!”

“That’s immaterial,” replied Charles, his smile suddenly cold, humourless. “I know where I’m going, and you’re coming with me.”

A cold fear swept over Cindy as she realised she couldn’t move.

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