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Sharing My World Week 14

April 13, 2014 20 comments

It’s Share Your World time again, courtesy of Cee over at her photography blog. I’ll dive straight in.


If you had to describe your day as a traffic sign, what would it be?
That’s a tricky one.

Tricky tricky tricky.

I’ll go with the following:


Bumpy road. That’s what most days are like. Especially at the moment when we’re still clearing up the work from last weekend while “normal” work is also there to be done. It can be quite confusing, like the following sign.


Picture by Dickbauch, public domain

What the hell? I’ve been on a “roundabout of roundabouts” like this somewhere to the north of London, while following friends in another car. In the end I pretty much just followed them and hoped for the best. I didn’t have a clue what was going on. At least the hospital with A&E (that’s ER) department is clearly marked in case of unfortunate collisions!

Is your hair short (total neck and ear showing), medium (covering ears and neck), long (below shoulders), extra long (at least halfway down your back) or bald?
Short! “Four” on the back and sides, “eight” on the top (that’s measured in eighths of an inch). Here’s a picture of me from one of our websites, to illustrate (taken at Chapel Porth, Cornwall). Currently my hair is about the same length (I get it cut every 6 weeks) but I’ve lost a few pounds! Yay!



When you are with your friends, do your interactions include much touching—for example, hugging, kissing, rough housing, rubbing backs? Would you like to have more of this? (Note: the answers may vary depending on where you live on this wonderful planet.)
No touching. I emit an aura of “stay away” somehow. There are one or two friends I hug but I never initiate it.

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $100?
I wouldn’t be able to as it’s not legal tender. So the first thing to do is to convert it to GBP. I’m assuming that we’re talking USD here so that comes to just under £60, currently. Suddenly that doesn’t sound so much.

That’s a bit over a full tank of petrol for my Fiesta. I think I’d fill up the car, drive somewhere nice and I’d have a bit left over for some food and bits and bobs. Here’s somewhere nice (Colliford Lake, Cornwall).

Colliford Lake


Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
I’m grateful that the work at the weekend went well. I’m looking forward to getting the rest of it cleared away next week (though it probably won’t be completely done).

Suzie’s Questions Answered

November 24, 2013 21 comments

Suzie has posed a number of questions to the blogging community at large, and I thought I would participate, along with many others. On with the questions!

1. Why have you chosen your blog name?

This is a cunning and clever amalgamation of my title, the short form of my first name and the fact that I am a “man”! I usually use “dralip” which includes the initial of my last name, but it didn’t sound like it would work as well for a blog name.

“mraliman” sounds stupid so I had to do a PhD to get the correct start to my pseudonym :-).

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Chapel Porth

November 17, 2013 13 comments

Just a quick post for this Sunday evening. A couple of weeks ago everyone at work went down to Chapel Porth one carload at a time to get our photos taken for one of our websites. Chapel Porth is on the north coast of Cornwall, a few miles from my work.

There we stood on the beach next to cameras and a big professional lamp while older couples wandered past with their dogs. I snapped a few pictures with my phone while we were there.

Chapel Porth

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