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A Lanhydrock Selection

August 12, 2018 16 comments

In the absence of Share Your World this week, here is a small selection of photos I took on a visit to Lanhydrock a few weeks ago.

I’d give you some history of the place but I’m more interested in looking around than reading the little information notices.

Sharing My World 2015 Week 17

May 3, 2015 32 comments

It’s Sunday, the day I contribute to Cee’s Share Your World, just one of the fun challenges that Cee organises on a weekly basis.



What is your most favourite smell/scent?
My two favourite smells are quite opposite to each other. One is the smell of bacon cooking. Mmm, bacon. The other is the smell of nature. Not cow poo or anything like that, but the smell of the forest, cut grass and flowers.

Lanhydrock Bluebells

The Higher Garden at Lanhydrock, near Bodmin, Cornwall


Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself?
Well, quite recently I toyed with the idea of having longer hair. I decided it would be cool. However at my age it would probably just look stupid, and when my hair gets to a certain point it tends to puff out. So short is the way to go for me. If I was going to try “going hippy” I should have done it 25 years ago.

Do you plan out things usually or do you do them more spontaneous (for example if you are visiting a big city you don’t know?)
Tricky one. I used to plan everything down to the last detail. I don’t do that any more. That’s not to say I’m a spontaneous person. There isn’t a less spontaneous person on the planet than me!

However, if I’m off somewhere I don’t know, I’ll plan the route, where I can park and if applicable I’ll book somewhere to stay. That’s the limit. I might switch the car display to “map” so I can see roughly where I am but I’ve never actually used the Sat Nav per se.

I’ve discovered that planning everything to the last detail leads to major stress. Knowing where I’m going and that I have somewhere to stay reduces stress, having exact things to do at exact times – well, life’s too short to put myself through that.

What is your favourite outdoor activity?
Walking in the woods, gardens and so on I guess. And I like taking pictures of it all. So in the spirit of that, here’s another picture of Lanhydrock, looking at the main house across the lower gardens, framed by little ornamental battlements.

Lanhydrock through battlements



Flowers on Friday

May 1, 2015 24 comments

Taken at Lanhydrock yesterday.

Lanhydrock White Flowers and Sky

Lanhydrock Pink Flowers

Lanhydrock Flower Beds

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