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A Lanhydrock Selection

August 12, 2018 16 comments

In the absence of Share Your World this week, here is a small selection of photos I took on a visit to Lanhydrock a few weeks ago.

I’d give you some history of the place but I’m more interested in looking around than reading the little information notices.

Godrevy in High Zoom

July 9, 2017 17 comments

I took a little trip to Godrevy to try out my new zoom lens. It’s an Olympus 75-300mm (150-600mm equivalent on my Micro 4/3 camera). I don’t have a tripod so I wanted to see how things went. Obviously I usually wouldn’t use a big zoom for landscapes but it did a good job of the flowers and I could barely see the helicopter or seal with the naked eye šŸ™‚

Also, I know the white balance is off. My camera warned me about it but I don’t know which of the million buttons to push to do that so I left it alone.

Here’s a seal on max zoom. He’s there on the rock šŸ™‚

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St. Michael’s Mount Part 3

September 20, 2015 19 comments

We’re nearing the end of our journey around St. Michael’s Mount. Here are my final photos! I uploaded them full size again because I can’t be bothered fiddling about :-).

A bit more impressive than my mantelpiece.

St Michael's Mount 21

Back outside, but still up on the Mount.

St Michael's Mount 22

A view down to the gardens, which unfortunately were closed on the day I visited. It looks like they’re doing some work down there.

St Michael's Mount 23

A lovely view out across to Marazion.

St Michael's Mount 24

The little ferry boats are still running but it looks like the tide has gone out and the causeway is open!

St Michael's Mount 25

A final look out across the bay. I wouldn’t want to brave those cannons if I were invading.

St Michael's Mount 26

Yep, the causeway is open. I get to walk back.

St Michael's Mount 27

View from the causeway.

St Michael's Mount 28

A final look back. Goodbye, St. Michael’s Mount!

St Michael's Mount 29

I hope you enjoyed my little 3 part tour around St. Michael’s Mount!

St Michael’s Mount Part 2

September 19, 2015 24 comments

In my second (of three) posts featuring pictures taken at St. Michael’s Mount off the Cornish coast, we’ll have a last look around outside and then venture into the house itself. I accidentally uploaded these photos full size, so be careful if you want to make them bigger and you’re not on a fast connection.

A nice view out across the bay, or sea, or whatever it is.

St Michael's Mount 9

Were going inside here in a minute!

St Michael's Mount 10

They have strange taste in sculptures.

St Michael's Mount 11

Getting closer to the house.

St Michael's Mount 12

One last look back at Marazion before we go inside.

St Michael's Mount 13

Inside looking out.

St Michael's Mount 14

An impressive library.

St Michael's Mount 15

Now that’s what I call a ceiling.

St Michael's Mount 16

Inside the little church. Wow, they have their own church!

St Michael's Mount 17

That’s quite the impressive organ :-).

St Michael's Mount 18

This is probably St. Michael defeating Satan, or something. Maybe I should have read the guide leaflet or some of the little plaques dotted around the place.

St Michael's Mount 19

His and hers royal waiting chairs. That’s Queen Elizabeth II on the left (our reigning monarch) and on the right, presumably her dad, King George VI.

St Michael's Mount 20

Next time we’ll see some more photos outside, including my harrowing walk back across the Causeway of Doom (it’s not called that, I made that up).

St Michael’s Mount Part 1

September 18, 2015 28 comments

Here are some photos I took on a trip to St Michael’s Mount a couple of weeks ago. It’s off the south coast of Cornwall, near Marazion. I was given a guideĀ leaflet which probably had some history in it, which I didn’t read :-).

I’ll do this in a few parts as I can’t choose between all the photos I took.

I parked up the beach a mile or so away to avoid the tourist traffic, so I had a nice little walk. There it is in the distance.

St Michael's Mount 1

The tide is in so it looks like I will have to brave the high seas to get there.

St Michael's Mount 2

And so we set sail in the mighty ship “Sea Mist”. I hope we don’t sink!

St Michael's Mount 3

At last, after a long and harrowing sea voyage (3 minutes), tired but victorious, we reached our destination.

St Michael's Mount 4

Hmm, looks like a bit of a climb.

St Michael's Mount 5

Up IĀ go, stopping often to take in the view (and catch my breath).

St Michael's Mount 6

If that tiny hatch leads to the Giant’s Well, I’m guessing he was often thirsty.

St Michael's Mount 7

The Cornish flag flies proudly over a bunch of slightly dodgy-looking cannons. Let’s hope we don’t have to repel invaders!

St Michael's Mount 8

Next time we’ll take a look at the view and then enter the house (where photography was allowed!).

Lydford Gorge

July 5, 2015 20 comments

Last week I went on a trip to Lydford Gorge, in Devon. Yes, I summoned up my courage and crossed the border! I took over 160 photos so I’ve chosen a few and put most of them into a slideshow, otherwise this would be a huge post.

Lydford Gorge

It has a “spectacular” waterfall. Niagara Falls, eat your heart out.

Lydford Gorge

One more, then we’ll slideshow the rest.

Lydford Gorge



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Sharing My World 2015 Week 17

May 3, 2015 32 comments

It’s Sunday, the day I contribute to Cee’s Share Your World, just one of the fun challenges that Cee organises on a weekly basis.



What is your most favourite smell/scent?
My two favourite smells are quite opposite to each other. One isĀ the smell of bacon cooking. Mmm, bacon. The other is the smell of nature. Not cow poo or anything like that, but the smell of the forest, cut grass and flowers.

Lanhydrock Bluebells

The Higher Garden at Lanhydrock, near Bodmin, Cornwall


Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself?
Well, quite recently I toyed with the idea of having longer hair. I decided it would be cool. However at my age it would probably just look stupid, and when my hair gets to a certain point it tends to puff out. So short is the way to go for me. If I was going to try “going hippy” I should have done it 25 years ago.

Do you plan out things usually or do you do them more spontaneous (for example if you are visiting a big city you donā€™t know?)
Tricky one. I used to plan everything down to the last detail. I don’t do that any more. That’s not to say I’m a spontaneous person. There isn’t a less spontaneous person on the planet than me!

However, if I’m off somewhere I don’t know, I’ll plan the route, where I can park and if applicable I’ll book somewhere to stay. That’s the limit. I might switch the car display to “map” so I can see roughly where I am but I’ve never actually used the Sat Nav per se.

I’ve discovered that planning everything to the last detail leads to major stress. Knowing where I’m going and that I have somewhere to stay reduces stress, having exact things to do at exact times – well, life’s too short to put myself through that.

What is your favourite outdoor activity?
Walking in the woods, gardens and so on I guess. And I like taking pictures of it all. So in the spirit of that, here’s another picture of Lanhydrock, looking atĀ the main house across the lower gardens, framed by little ornamental battlements.

Lanhydrock through battlements