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Windows in Truro

October 13, 2014 19 comments

I was in Truro last week waiting outside a coffee shop for a friend and when I looked up I saw a photo op! I thought I would submit it to Dawn’s “Lingering Look at Windows“, as it has some cool windows in it. This was taken at around 1730, a couple of hours before sunset.

This is the side of the old “Coinage Hall”. A couple of hundred years ago Truro was a “Stannary Town”. Cornwall had a thriving tin mining industry, and ingots were brought to Stannary Towns for assay.

It now houses tea houses and a Pizza Express, though the outside has been left largely untouched.

Coinage Hall Truro

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

March 29, 2014 29 comments

Here are some photos for this week’s photo challenge, which asks us to show some aspect of street life. I usually find old photos which are relevant to the prompt, but I was in town this morning and took these specially for the occasion!

Every Saturday there is a little market in my local city of Truro. There is locally-caught fish, meats, flowers, crafts and even an olive stall! I was going to buy flowers for Mother’s Day tomorrow but I ended up buying them in the supermarket instead.

A teeming metropolis of twenty thousand or so people, Truro is the only city in Cornwall. Today was cold and raining 😦 . These were taken at around 9 am this morning using my phone.





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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

March 16, 2014 31 comments

This week’s Photo Challenge from The Daily Post wants a photo which says “Inside”. I have two photos which show inside and outside!

When it’s a bit chilly outside (even though the sun has come out)…

Piazza, Truro

Truro, Cornwall one early chilly but sunny Saturday morning

… it’s nice to snug up nice and warm in the living room of my new house with the gas fire on (and watch Dr Who).


Inside the sitting room in my new house

Double flash reflection and a finger in the way! I am such the photographic professional 🙂 .