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Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Room

June 8, 2014 25 comments

This week’s photo challenge is “Room”. I thought I’d share before, during and after shots of my bedroom as I moved in.



Messy Bedroom Move

Oh no!


Getting there…

Lazy boy that I am, it took me weeks to put the bed back together 🙂

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

March 16, 2014 31 comments

This week’s Photo Challenge from The Daily Post wants a photo which says “Inside”. I have two photos which show inside and outside!

When it’s a bit chilly outside (even though the sun has come out)…

Piazza, Truro

Truro, Cornwall one early chilly but sunny Saturday morning

… it’s nice to snug up nice and warm in the living room of my new house with the gas fire on (and watch Dr Who).


Inside the sitting room in my new house

Double flash reflection and a finger in the way! I am such the photographic professional 🙂 .

Service Interruptus

February 16, 2014 51 comments

Hello, my friends! It has finally happened – I am moving house!

I will be busy packing, ferrying stuff to the new house before/after work and generally having not a lot of time over the next couple of weeks. At some point I will lose my internet while my service gets transferred (which could take up to 2 weeks! To push a few buttons!).

So I wanted to give you the heads up. I haven’t forgotten or abandoned you! I will try to read and comment as much as possible but I may not be posting much (if at all), even my regular Share Your World, Friday Fictioneers and Chain Writing Game posts 😦 .

In the mean time, here are some dodgy photos I took of my new home. To be honest, the Estate Agent pictures were far better.