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What Pegman Saw – Prophecy

August 14, 2017 26 comments

Here is my story for the 150 word fiction challenge, What Pegman Saw. This week we’re at the Palace of Pena in Portugal. I plopped little Pegman down on Google Maps and found a picture for my story.

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The Oracle gazed out over the grand vista afforded by the uppermost battlements of the Palace of Pena, her face filled with sadness.

“Once this place was filled with beauty. Trees, grasslands. One could hear the birds singing and watch as deer and rabbits played in the forests, celebrating the return of spring with all its endless possibilities.”

“But, my Lady Oracle,” protested Novice Miguel, “I see those things in abundance!”

“As you are aware, dear Miguel, I see not today, but that which is yet to come,” replied the Oracle, touching his arm in comfort.

Miguel felt a chill flood his body. The Oracle had never been known to be wrong. He followed her as she shook her head sadly, returning to the palace. Behind them, the sky to the east brightened suddenly and then darkened as the first mushroom cloud stained the horizon.


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What Pegman Saw – Cats

August 10, 2017 33 comments

I thought I’d try the What Pegman Saw 150 word fiction challenge this week. We’re at Petra in Jordan. I had a stroll around Google Maps and grabbed a picture for my story.

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“Here we are at last! Petra.”

“So we are. And don’t call me ‘Petra’ hahaha!”

“I swear to god, if you say that one more time…”

“Okay, okay, no need to get stroppy. So, where’s this ‘theatre’, then?”

“Just over there. But look at this magnificent view…”

“Yeah, magnificent. Rocks and sand. Does the term ‘badlands’ mean anything to you?”

“Ugh. We’ve come all this way. Try to enjoy yourself, will you?”

“Fine. I’m hoping they’re showing ‘Cats’.”


“’Cats.’ At the theatre. I’ve always wanted to see it.”

“What…? Oh. It’s not that type of theatre. It’s more an amphitheatre. You can look down over the tombs.”

“What? What? Tombs? What? I wanna see ‘Cats’!”

“Okay, fine. Follow me. Come on. Into this alley. Through the gate.”


“Hey! Why’ve you shut me in? With those…”

“… Arabian leopards, if I’m not mistaken. They have your scent! You wanted ‘Cats’…”