Spooky Puppy!

October 31, 2014 26 comments

As some of you know, I always buy Puppies on a Roll toilet paper, and each pack gives me Puppy Points, until the end of the year anyway, when the scheme ends :-(.


I have used some of my last points to get a frightening, horrifying Halloween scene! Are you ready? Are you sure? Here goes…


Horrifying! Spooky!

Come out from behind the sofa! Here’s an aerial view.


We’re safer up here in the sky.

Will our intrepid puppy summon his courage and enter the haunted house?


Scary stuff!

I hope I didn’t scare anyone :-)

Altered Reality

October 29, 2014 36 comments

It’s Wednesday, and we all know what that means, don’t we? That’s right, Friday Fictioneers, the Friday writing challenge on a Wednesday! The photo we will be writing our 100-ish word stories about this week has been contributed by Melanie Greenwood and our host as always is Rochelle over at Addicted to Purple.

To read all the other stories for this week, click on the little blue frog below.

The window in this week’s photo looks tailor-made for someone to go flying through, don’t you think? :-)


Copyright Melanie Greenwood

As head tester for ImmersiveTech Games, Jeff was hugely impressed by their latest virtual reality prototype. “Moving” into the simulated hotel room, he could sense the fear of his victims, feel their blood splatter his face as he pulled the trigger. He yelled with joy at the experience as a grenade exploded, blowing his avatar through the window onto the balcony.


His brain registered the simulated impact and shut down, believing he had died. Moments later, his body followed.

As his corpse was removed, a researcher made notes on his tablet.

Too realistic. Reduce bio-feedback.

Bribe coroner. Again.

Hire new tester.

Sharing My World Week 42

October 26, 2014 33 comments

It’s Sunday morning and therefore time for me to Share My World again. Thanks as always for hosting and posing the questions, Cee!


What would be your preference, awake before dawn or awake before noon?
If I’m awake before dawn, I’m automatically awake before noon as well!

Seriously, though, I’m very much a morning person so I prefer to get up early, whenever I wake up (within reason). Not on a school morning, though. I have trouble getting up when I have to go to work!

On a weekend or a day off, I often have an afternoon nap to make up for any lost morning sleep. My bedtime at the moment is around 10pm.

If you could choose between Wisdom and Luck, which one would you pick?
Luck is all very well, but I think I’ll go for wisdom. Hopefully one day I will be wise enough to make my own luck!

Anyway, the question doesn’t actually specify “good” luck. Let’s not take any chances.

If you were given the opportunity for free skydiving lessons would you take them? Why or why not?
No way. Maybe once, but not any more. I’ve never had any broken bones and I don’t intend to start now. I’m not very adventurous and I always see the worst case scenario. Just thinking about skydiving, I can feel myself splattering against the ground in a tragic accident.

Since I’m so short-sighted I’ve been told I’m at risk of detached retinas and to avoid hard knocks to the head, so splattering against the ground would not be good for my eyesight. I would imagine skydiving might also invalidate my life insurance, as they need to know if you do anything “dangerous”, lifestyle-wise.

With all this over-thinking and worry, it’s a wonder I summon up the courage to get out of bed. I think I worry about dying of terminal bed sores.

Is the glass half empty or half full? What is in the glass?
After my last answer, can you guess?

That’s right, it’s half-empty. Probably a little less than half. It contains contaminated water. Or maybe lemonade that’s got all warm and lost its fizz.

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In Plain Sight

October 22, 2014 53 comments

It’s Friday Fictioneers time again, and I hear that it’s Rochelle’s second year anniversary as fearless leader of our little group. Congratulations, Rochelle, and thank you!

For the second week in a row I had trouble thinking of a story and I eventually ended up with this. I hope you enjoy it! The photo this week was contributed by The Reclining Gentleman.

Don’t forget to click on the little blue froggie to see all this week’s other contributions.


Copyright The Reclining Gentleman

Maximillian Zerrissen gazed mournfully across the lake. Behind him were plaques which, when depressed in the correct order, would cause the water to drain away to reveal a huge dish capable of focussing his patented death ray.

When he had started building his secret evil lair all this had been woodland. Due to a combination of recession and labour shortages, it had taken so long to complete that a whole community had sprung up around the site. Somebody would be bound to notice his evil-doing.

The waste of money smarted less than his subsequent demotion within the evil-doers community from “Evil Genius” to “Second Henchman”. Read, “Cannon Fodder“.

Sharing My World Week 41

October 19, 2014 29 comments

Cee has posed another set of questions to Share My World with, so here goes! Thanks for hosting the challenge, Cee.


Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures?
I would definitely prefer to take the pictures. Sets of photos from work Christmas parties are all full of my hand in front of my face, a hastily turned head or a blur off to the side as I make my escape.

I prefer taking photos of scenery rather than people, because I always worry that I’m making the people feel as uncomfortable as I feel when someone’s taking a photo of me.

What did you most enjoy doing this past week?
I guess maybe going for a drive in my new car. See the next question!

It’s got a lot of zip. It’s my mid-life crisis car. I expect next time I’ll get a car more suitable for my age :-)

Read more…

Singleness of Purpose

October 15, 2014 71 comments

Here’s my contribution for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. This is a 100-ish word photo prompt hosted by Rochelle – be sure to check out her blog! – and this week the photo has been contributed by fellow Fictioneerer Douglas M. MacIlroy. Thanks, Doug!

To view all the other contributions for this week, click the little blue fellow below. Check back often as more are added during the week. Why not have a go yourself? It’s fun :-)


Copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy


Resolute of purpose, the dreaded Snail Army made its ponderous way towards the art display.

“Look, my soldiers!” roared Snail-Commander. “Our shelled fellows, captured and affixed to wood! We shall rescue them!”

“LIBERATE! LIBERATE!” came the reply.

“We shall destroy their captors!”


“And then, victorious, we shall eat, drink and be merry!”


“Come, death or glory awai… hang on, is that lettuce over there?”

The dreaded Snail Army swivelled to look.

“I believe it is, Commander,” said Snail-Sergeant.

“My friends, we have a new goal!”

Resolute of purpose, the dreaded Snail Army made its ponderous way towards the salad bowl.

Windows in Truro

October 13, 2014 17 comments

I was in Truro last week waiting outside a coffee shop for a friend and when I looked up I saw a photo op! I thought I would submit it to Dawn’s “Lingering Look at Windows“, as it has some cool windows in it. This was taken at around 1730, a couple of hours before sunset.

This is the side of the old “Coinage Hall”. A couple of hundred years ago Truro was a “Stannary Town”. Cornwall had a thriving tin mining industry, and ingots were brought to Stannary Towns for assay.

It now houses tea houses and a Pizza Express, though the outside has been left largely untouched.

Coinage Hall Truro


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