Sharing My World Week 8

March 1, 2015 9 comments

It’s Week 8 at Sharing Your World, Cee’s weekly question and answer challenge. So let’s dive straight in!


Your favourite blog post that you have written? (add link)
It’s quite hard to choose just the one post. Here’s one about a lad who joins the army in the 1800s, only to discover that it’s not all excitement and glory after all, written a year ago for the Storybook Corner challenge.

What do you feel is the most enjoyable way to spend $500? Why?
Currently that’s £323.84. I really have no idea how I would spend it. If I just had the money right now, it would go straight towards paying off a credit card, but that’s not very enjoyable!

I think maybe I would use it to fund a little mini-break up-country somewhere, maybe Cumbria. Or even to a different country as I’d quite like to visit Scotland again. I could use the money to stay in a nice little hotel somewhere.

If you could know the answer to any question, besides “What is the meaning of life?”, what would it be?
The first thing which entered my head was “when will I die” so that I know whether or not to keep paying money into my pension. But on second thought, I don’t think I really want to know.

Then I thought, when I die, is that me gone forever or is there something else waiting? But I’m not sure I want to know that either, just in case there isn’t.

It’s beginning to sound like I don’t really want to know the answers to any of the “big” questions. Because “hope” is an important thing to have in life, and I don’t want to accidentally lose any by getting the “wrong answer”.

So I’ll ask, “Which question should I ask?” So even though I won’t get the answer to the question I should have asked, I’m halfway there by knowing what the most important question is.

Where do you eat breakfast?
Nowhere. Sometimes I go through periods when I have a cereal bar, but, “most important meal of the day” or not, I don’t usually feel hungry first thing in the morning.

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Woodland Games

February 26, 2015 31 comments

I bet you thought I’d forgotten, didn’t you, ES? Nope! Here is my entry to Evil Squirrel’s “Second Annual Contest of Whatever“. After losing last year, I have high hopes this year!

We need to include at least two different types of animal, and there must be some form of game involved – and what better than the Annual Worldwide Woodland Games?

I have been sure to label my creations, as the DraliDoodles team is not very good and it’s impossible to tell one type of creature from another!

Without further ado, let’s meet the teams.

Meet the Teams

Read more…

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Man’s Best Friend

February 25, 2015 70 comments

Hello everyone, and welcome to my contribution to this week’s Friday Fictioneers, a weekly 100-ish word flash fiction photo challenge hosted by Rochelle. This week’s photo comes to us courtesy of Dawn Q. Landau and features some people walking up a railway line with a dog trailing behind.

They could be on a Sunday afternoon stroll or… or… well, if this photo doesn’t scream “post-apocalyptic dystopian future” I don’t know what does!

To read this week’s other entries, or to add one of your own, click on the little blue froggy.


Copyright Dawn Q. Landau


Julie trudged along the railway. The others were far ahead, but she was tired, so very tired.

Once there were trains running along these tracks, she thought. Before the Pulse, when there was electricity, there were trains and computers and… food.

At that thought, her stomach twisted. How long since her last meal? Two days? Three? She rummaged around, stuffing the crumbs she found into her mouth.

How far is this promised “sanctuary”, anyway?

How much longer could she last without food? She looked back at her beloved dog hungrily.

One day you’ll perform one final sacrifice for me, old friend. But not today.


The Greatest of Muses

February 23, 2015 34 comments

It is time for Barbara Beacham’s “Mondays Finish the Story” here at the Drali blog. We get a photo and a starting sentence to prompt us to write our 150 word story.

My title this week is rather ironic since my muse is absent today. I blame it on a very busy day at work. The genre for my story this week, therefore, is “wishy-washy”. It’s a few words over, but after researching the invention date of the typewriter I had to make some last minute adjustments.

The supplied sentence is in bold in my story, and to read this week’s other contributions, click on the little blue froggy.


Copyright Barbara Beacham


The old typewriter had a mind of its ownA mind, and a flair for the creative.

As quill, pencil and typewriter, Underwood (for that was now his name) had steered many of the greats. Where would they have been without him? Austen with her ridiculously-titled “Pride and Peanuts”? Or Tolkein’s “The Hedgehog” and planned three-parter “Lord of the Hedgerows”? Underwood had soon put them straight, working tirelessly behind the scenes. Even stubborn Dickens had been persuaded to change direction only three pages into “A Christmas Singalong With Mulled Wine and Whatnot”.

Now everyone used computers. Pah! Soulless machines. He would never stoop to inhabiting such a beast. A typewriter he would remain.

So he couldn’t connect to Facebook. So what? One of the greatest muses of all time, reduced to a paper weight. Yesterday’s news.

So no-one was more surprised than Underwood when his owner’s son came in from school, threw his iPad on the bed, sat at the desk, loaded some paper – and began to type.

Four Word Love Phrases – Rubbish Edition

February 22, 2015 21 comments

I was tagged by Millie Thom to write ten four-word love phrases. I believe this challenge originated over at #lovebooks.

Now, I’m probably not the best person to ask to do this. I’m not sure I know anything about love. 99% of my flash fiction is either comedy, dark humour in which someone dies in an unexpected and humorous fashion, or dark, in which one or more people die in a horrific fashion. I’ve written enough apocalyptic stories that I’ve probably wiped out somewhere in the region of fifty billion people. In fact this is so expected that in my one attempt at romance, in which the woman “melts” at the end, at least one commenter thought she literally melted.

So, here goes.

Playstation 4, rock on!
That’s the silly one out of the way.

Lives shared, forever one
That didn’t sound too bad. Let’s try another.

Two hearts, one head
That didn’t sound quite right. I’ll rephrase.

One heart, two brains
That’s even worse. Well, you get the gist.

Her face, butterflies flutter
Now we’re back on track! How about a four word Haiku:

Coloured spectacles

Cynic or realist? You decide.

Floating blissfully in Heaven
I like the floaty theme. Here’s another:

Drifting in dreamy skies
Yeah! Now let’s try “the four stages of lurve”:

Fear, excitement, bliss, comfort
It starts with “fear” for me, anyway, or at least “extreme nervousness”. There weren’t enough words allowed for the fifth stage, disillusionment. I’ve ruined it now.

And for my final phrase:

This drawer’s for you

I did it! I did it! Sort of. Finally, there is supposed to be my favourite love quote from a book or film or whatever. Well, good luck with that. Sorry. I tried :-).

I’m not going to tag others as I don’t know who to tag, but if anyone else wants to try, go for it!

Sharing My World Week 7

February 22, 2015 23 comments

It’s time to Share My World! Share Your World is hosted by Cee at her photography blog.


Is the paper money in your possession right now organised sequentially according to denomination and with the bills (that’s “notes” for those in the UK) right side up and facing the same way?
Yes, of course. Because that’s the way I roll. Sometimes if I’m feeling really rebellious I might turn one of them upside down. Then I’ll get upset and turn it the right way up again.

What is your favourite type of dog? (can be anything from a specific breed, a stuffed animal or character in a movie)
Take your pick!


Meet The Lads

If money was not an issue, would you go on a cruise?  If so where would you go?
Ooh, can anywhere guess where I’d go on a cruise to? That’s right! New Zealand to see the Hobbits. There’s probably a special “Hobbit Cruise” or something I could sign up to.

Would you dare to sleep in haunted house overnight?
Yes. Yes I would.

Because firstly, it’s not haunted. And secondly, if by some chance it actually is haunted, it might be quite cool to meet a ghost. As long as it’s a friendly ghost. Like Casper. But it might be an unfriendly ghost. Like in “Poltergeist”. DON’T GO INTO THE LIGHT. It might try to kill me. It would be horrific. And terrifying.

I’ve changed my mind. No, no I wouldn’t.

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The Day Timmy Saved the World

February 18, 2015 89 comments

Here is my contribution to Friday Fictioneers for this week. This is a weekly challenge hosted by Rochelle and this week the prompt photo was contributed by Marie Gail Stratford. Thanks, Marie Gail Stratford!

To view the other stories or to contribute one of your own, click the blue froggy.


Copyright Marie Gail Stratford


It had existed since the beginning of time, its crystalline shell holding safe its essence. It had seen stars explode, planets burn. Many of these cosmic catastrophes it had caused, for it was bored and spiteful.

Now it had found a new victim for its amusement. The planet Earth.

Hiding in plain sight on a mantelpiece in a small terraced house in Catford, it gathered its will and made ready to strike…

… and smashed on the floor, its billions of years of existence and hatred shattered.


“Timmy! What have I told you about playing football in the house? That was a wedding gift.”

“Sorry, Mum!”



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