In Plain Sight

October 22, 2014 35 comments

It’s Friday Fictioneers time again, and I hear that it’s Rochelle’s second year anniversary as fearless leader of our little group. Congratulations, Rochelle, and thank you!

For the second week in a row I had trouble thinking of a story and I eventually ended up with this. I hope you enjoy it! The photo this week was contributed by The Reclining Gentleman.

Don’t forget to click on the little blue froggie to see all this week’s other contributions.


Copyright The Reclining Gentleman

Maximillian Zerrissen gazed mournfully across the lake. Behind him were plaques which, when depressed in the correct order, would cause the water to drain away to reveal a huge dish capable of focussing his patented death ray.

When he had started building his secret evil lair all this had been woodland. Due to a combination of recession and labour shortages, it had taken so long to complete that a whole community had sprung up around the site. Somebody would be bound to notice his evil-doing.

The waste of money smarted less than his subsequent demotion within the evil-doers community from “Evil Genius” to “Second Henchman”. Read, “Cannon Fodder“.

Sharing My World Week 41

October 19, 2014 29 comments

Cee has posed another set of questions to Share My World with, so here goes! Thanks for hosting the challenge, Cee.


Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures?
I would definitely prefer to take the pictures. Sets of photos from work Christmas parties are all full of my hand in front of my face, a hastily turned head or a blur off to the side as I make my escape.

I prefer taking photos of scenery rather than people, because I always worry that I’m making the people feel as uncomfortable as I feel when someone’s taking a photo of me.

What did you most enjoy doing this past week?
I guess maybe going for a drive in my new car. See the next question!

It’s got a lot of zip. It’s my mid-life crisis car. I expect next time I’ll get a car more suitable for my age :-)

Read more…

Singleness of Purpose

October 15, 2014 71 comments

Here’s my contribution for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. This is a 100-ish word photo prompt hosted by Rochelle – be sure to check out her blog! – and this week the photo has been contributed by fellow Fictioneerer Douglas M. MacIlroy. Thanks, Doug!

To view all the other contributions for this week, click the little blue fellow below. Check back often as more are added during the week. Why not have a go yourself? It’s fun :-)


Copyright Douglas M. MacIlroy


Resolute of purpose, the dreaded Snail Army made its ponderous way towards the art display.

“Look, my soldiers!” roared Snail-Commander. “Our shelled fellows, captured and affixed to wood! We shall rescue them!”

“LIBERATE! LIBERATE!” came the reply.

“We shall destroy their captors!”


“And then, victorious, we shall eat, drink and be merry!”


“Come, death or glory awai… hang on, is that lettuce over there?”

The dreaded Snail Army swivelled to look.

“I believe it is, Commander,” said Snail-Sergeant.

“My friends, we have a new goal!”

Resolute of purpose, the dreaded Snail Army made its ponderous way towards the salad bowl.

Windows in Truro

October 13, 2014 17 comments

I was in Truro last week waiting outside a coffee shop for a friend and when I looked up I saw a photo op! I thought I would submit it to Dawn’s “Lingering Look at Windows“, as it has some cool windows in it. This was taken at around 1730, a couple of hours before sunset.

This is the side of the old “Coinage Hall”. A couple of hundred years ago Truro was a “Stannary Town”. Cornwall had a thriving tin mining industry, and ingots were brought to Stannary Towns for assay.

It now houses tea houses and a Pizza Express, though the outside has been left largely untouched.

Coinage Hall Truro

Sharing my World Week 40

October 12, 2014 22 comments

Week 40 already! I wonder how many sleeps there are until Christmas…?

Here’s my answers to Cee’s questions for this week on Share Your World. Thanks for posing the questions, Cee!


You’re given $500,000 dollars tax free (any currency), what do you spend it on?
“Money money money, It’s a rich man’s world” as Abba famously sang in 1976. $500,000 was probably a huge amount of money in 1976 too.


Copyright some music company probably

Tax free? Awesome! First, I need to convert it to pounds so I know how much I’m actually getting – £311,000. It doesn’t sound so much now, but still enough to have fun with! That’s enough to buy a house at the current average house price, with some left over for a car and holiday of a lifetime!

I’d pay off my mortgage, credit cards and so on. That would leave me with some money in the bank and lots of monthly disposable income. I’d maybe have a nice holiday in New Zealand to visit the Hobbits.

What’s the finest education?
Oxbridge? The University of Life? The School of Hard Knocks?

Whatever works for you and lets you get what you want out of life, I suppose.

What kind of art is your favourite? Why?
I don’t really have a favourite. I like different kinds of paintings, different kinds of music, sculptures, literature (if you can call the stuff I read “literature”). I know what I like when I see/hear/read it. That’s my favourite. What I like.

Is there something that you memorized long ago and still remember?

You want more? Okay then. “Seasons of mist and mellow fruitfulness, close bosom friend of the maturing sun.” That’s all I got.

I’m hopeless at remembering stuff from long ago. I have friends who seem to remember all sorts of quotes and so on. Not me. I can’t even remember stuff from very recently.

Things On A Tray

Umm, banana? Pencil sharpener, there’s always a pencil sharpener. Stuffed Aardvark? I’m sure there was a stuffed aardvark…

On the other hand, I can quote most of “Black Adder” and “Red Dwarf” off the top of my head. Very useful.

See you again next week!

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On a Promise

October 8, 2014 59 comments

It’s Friday Fictioneers time here on the interwebz. This is a 100 word photo challenge, and this week said photo has been supplied by our lovely and talented host, Rochelle!

If you would like to take part, head over here, check out the instructions and then leave a link to your story via the little blue froggie fellow (where you can also find all this week’s other contributions).

I didn’t see “death” in this week’s photo, so I apologise to any of my regulars who are expecting horror, gore and whatnot.


Copyright Rochelle Wissoff-Fields

Bored, Simeon placed his drink down and began drumming on the bar with two cocktail sticks, tapping his foot in time. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a raven-haired beauty gliding across the room towards him.

“Come with me,” she whispered. “We will make beautiful music together.”

In a daze, Simeon enjoyed the seductive sway of her hips as she led him from the bar.

Her apartment was filled with a flowing melody as her nimble fingers danced over the keys. As he tapped out the rhythm on a snare drum, Simeon reflected morosely that this wasn’t exactly what he’d had in mind.

Sharing My World Week 39

October 5, 2014 33 comments

Wow, Week 39. It’s almost Christmas :-) At least it is at the office. They’ve already started one day a month where you’re supposed to wear a Christmas jumper and they put on Christmas music and have mince pies.

Bah humbug.

It’s still British Summer Time (Daylight Saving Time). It’s not even Halloween yet for weeks. Heck, it’s not even my birthday until next Friday (shameless plug) and I’m hardly a Christmas baby.

Rant over, time to start Sharing My World, hosted by Cee. Thanks, Cee!


Did you ever get lost?
Did I ever get lost? That’s like asking if monkeys like bananas. Actually, do monkeys really like bananas? Surely bananas can’t be the natural food for all monkeys around the world.

I have zero sense of direction. When I’m sitting at work I don’t even know which way home is. I once got lost on a forest walk in Germany and only found my way out by working out direction from the setting sun. A couple of years ago I spent over an hour travelling just a few miles because I got lost twice – read all about it here.


Photo from

Who was your best friend in elementary school?
One sec while I Google “elementary school”… meep… meep… meep… and I’m back! It looks like it’s what we would call “primary school”, which incorporates “infants” and the first couple of years of “junior” school.

My best friend was a chap who started when I was around 6. He came down from up-country somewhere and we became friends. In fact, we were so close that when a group of us were playing in the woods and he fell off a rope swing and lay on the ground moaning and jerking, I was the one who stopped laughing first and went to get help! (He’d broken his arm, if anyone’s interested).

We lost touch after school and I’ve not seen him since. Funny how that happens :-( .

Since the new television season has started in the US, list three favourite TV shows.
I don’t know anything about the new television season in the US as the nearest US transmitter is 3000 miles away, so I’ll try to identify three fairly current American programmes that I enjoy.

First up is “Grimm”. I’ve watched the first two series on Amazon Prime streaming and really like it! Basically, a cop finds out that he’s a descendent of the “Grimm” family, and can see nasty creatures from the fairy tales. There’s action, fantasy stuff and the characters are likeable. One thing which really sets it apart for me is that in a nasty situation, he actually calls for backup. I’m fed up of shouting “call for backup!” at the TV in other series – it’s a weak plot which depends on the star “forgetting” to call for help.

Next is “Bones”, of course. Humour, great characters, a few shocks, science and action. What’s not to enjoy?

Finally. “Lost Girl”. Which I believe is Canadian, and is why I specified “American” earlier. As in “the American continent”. This has fantasy, action, great stories and… cute babes! It’s features “Bo”, who discovers that she’s a powerful Succubus and gets drawn into a dangerous fairy tale world she never even knew existed. My favourite character is “Kenzi”, Bo’s human friend, who’s a bit out of her depth sometimes but is clever, brave and sassy (and cute). Apparently, series 5 (2014/2015) will be the last – it’s great news that this is planned as they should be able to finish it properly. I hate shows which go on and on and then when ratings fall they get unexpectedly cancelled, with no proper ending.

Lost Girl

Picture from

If you were a mouse in your house in the evening, what would you see your family doing?
That’s easy. Nothing. I live alone!

Phew, I went on a bit this week, sorry about that and see you next week!

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