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Limerick Challenge – Dark

April 14, 2016 38 comments

Here is my Limerick for Mind and Life Matters’ weekly Limerick challenge. I had a hard time with this one but have thought of something at the last minute :-).

This week’s word is “Dark“.

I once was afraid of the night
Vampires gave me such a fright
Now dark tunnels I tread
As I hunt the undead
With my matches I’ll set them alight!

Limerick Challenge – Power

March 15, 2016 42 comments

Having read some lovely poetic Limericks by my bloggy friend Maria over at Doodles and Scribbles I thought I’d have a go at a Limerick challenge from Mind and Life Matters. The main rule is that for this week the Limerick has to include the word “Power”, or a synonym thereof.

It’s actually a Limerick Poetry challenge, but since I can’t write poetry I’ve gone for a traditional Limerick, i.e. I’ve strung together a bunch of words which rhyme in the correct places and scan properly, and involve no deep thought :-). There’s a link-up for this challenge, so click on the blue froggy for more!

There was an ex-hippy called Flower
Who decided to take a hot shower
But soon she fled screaming
The water was freezing
Laughed husband, “I turned off the power!”

Then when I got home the phrase “ivory tower” popped into my mind which sounded too good not to use (as it rhymes with “power”) so I did another one.

There once was a man name of Gower
Who had all the wealth and the power
But while chasing a buck
All his plans came unstuck
And he fell from his ivory tower.

There you go. My first try and I’ve probably already broken the rules by posting two.


Literary Lion – Skool Dayz

September 5, 2015 32 comments

Here is my contribution for Laura’s fortnightly Literary Lion challenge. The Literary Lion has spoken, and this week’s prompt word is “limerick“.

The photograph was taken by Christopher Web (flikr) and supplied under a Creative Commons licence.



Mr Glass looked around the class.

“Right everyone, I hope you’ve done your homework. Randall, we’ll start with you.”

Randall stood up and began reading.

“Limerick is a town in Ireland, innit. It is in the province of Munster, yo. It…”

“Let me stop you there, Randall,” interrupted Mr Glass. “The assignment was to write a limerick, not to write about the town of Limerick.” The class tittered.

“Woah dere. I has spent hours…”

“… minutes at most…” broke in Mr Glass,

“… on dis!” finished Randall.

“I’m sorry, Randall, but…”

“Right! Here is a limerick den, yo!” Randall began to make boom-box noises.

“I does da homework on time,
But Mr Glass he wants a rhyme,
I was doin’ jus’ fine,
All dahn the line,
An’ I don’ do drugs,
‘Cos I ain’t no mug,
Rub-a-dubba-dub. Pshhhhhhh… the Word. Yo.”

The class burst into appreciative applause.

“Randall,” said the long-suffering Glass, “two things. One, that barely makes sense. Two, that’s a rap, not a limerick.”

“Oh man, it’s like I can’t do nuffin’ right!” exclaimed Randall. “Okay den, here’s a limerick for ya!

“Dere once wuz a teacher named Glass,
Who always had trouble in class,
He hates all da kidz,
Now his life’s on da skidz,
He could do wiv a kick up da…”



Drimericks – Swordplay

November 7, 2014 26 comments

I bet you thought I’d forgotten all about “Drimericks” (Drali Limericks), didn’t you?

You were right!

But then I remembered, so here’s another one, along with an accompanying DraliDoodleTM, lovingly crafted by our talented and professional team :-).


There once was a fencer named Gary
Who was quick with the thrust and the parry
But one day on the street
He fell over his feet
And skewered a postman named Barry.


If you missed them, don’t forget to check out my previous Drimericks, “Angels” and “Man in a Tank“.

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Drimericks – Man in a Tank

September 5, 2014 23 comments

It’s time for another Drali Limerick (Drimerick)! Here’s one about a rather foolish tank owner. As always, it is accompanied by a DraliDoodleTM, professionally drawn by the DraliDoodleTM team.


There once was a soldier named Frank
Who wished to sail off in his tank
The beach was quite sandy
Which turned out quite handy
But on reaching the water he sank.

Man In Tank

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Drimericks – Angels

August 25, 2014 25 comments

Welcome to my new series – Drali Limericks, or Drimericks! I know it will be a series because I’ve written more than one so far. I’ve rather optimistically categorised this as “Poems” 🙂 . Each one will be accompanied by a beautifully crafted and professionally drawn DraliDoodleTM.

There once was a fellow named Derby
Who went on the rob on his Harley
But he never envisioned
He’d be caught and imprisoned
By Angels and some dude named Charlie.




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