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May 4, 2015 28 comments


Yeeks! Fortunately he was outside. And I didn’t get this close. That’s what zoom lenses are for :-).



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Sharing My World Week 37

September 21, 2014 32 comments

Before I kick off Sharing My World (courtesy of Cee at her photography blog), let me tell you about the spider in my house last night.

It was HUGE. It was so big that it was nowhere near my line of sight and I still saw it. Its hideous eye stalks were bigger than most spiders in their entirety. It barely fit in the glass. When I threw it outside it made a big noise when it hit the bushes, it was THAT BIG.

It must have taken 30 years to reach that size. How have I not seen it before? How many more are there? Please tell me they don’t hunt in packs.


List three pet peeves.
People who drive really slowly around corners and then when the road opens up and straightens and I finally have a chance to overtake, they accelerate away. Then when the road narrows they’re suddenly there again. Why are you slowing down now? Because there’s a sign which says “Slow”? It doesn’t apply to you, you’re ONLY GOING FORTY.

People who don’t clean up after themselves in communal areas because “someone else will sort that out”.

People who put the toilet paper on the holder in “underneath mode” (see final question).

Obviously these are trivial, but the question said “peeves”, not issues which make me want to grab someone by the throat and scream “WHAT THE HELL”.

What makes you unique?
Nothing about me makes me special, but everything about me makes me unique.

What would be your ideal birthday present, and why?
I really have no idea. A big lottery win? Maybe a meal with the family, which is all sorted for my upcoming birthday. So that’ll be nice 🙂

Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under?
Over, obviously.


The one on the left is clearly incorrect

Spider Army

November 3, 2013 36 comments

Spider General

I have a fear, a nagging fear
Keeps running through my head
I’m worried there’s a spider army
Underneath my bed.

Spiders On The MoveI’m sure that sometimes I can hear
The spiders at their drill
And just the thought they’re coming out
Can give me such a chill!

I fear one day they’ll sally forth
Parade across my floor
Marching all in single file
To slip beneath my door.

They’ll leave my house but make no sound
On tiny, tiny feet
So no-one hears them coming
As they march off down the street.

Spiders Eat The Wires

They might go in the bakery
And eat up all the bread
Or chew the wires in traffic lights
Until they’re stuck on red!

Spiders At The School

Perhaps they’ll mess up all the bins
By taking off the lids
Or maybe they’ll invade the school
And frighten all the kids.
I must admit I just don’t care,
Don’t care what they attack
As long as all the little guys
Are never coming back!

Spiders No Entry